Disclaimer: Don’t get addicted, this is neither my real face nor a comeback… I’m merely flirting with words and I’ll surely leave you hanging again (Flirting 101: Seduce. Vilify. Ignore.). Should you be mad at me? Absolutely! But hey, I’ll be… Nevermind!
In the meantime, let’s all enjoy this rare weekend of poetry…
TITLE? No matter…

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Trapped E8


It was the best two months of my life. He worked till 4pm, five days a week and we only got to chat from around 5pm every working day. We however got to spend every afternoon together on weekends.
He loved and adored me. Again, I can’t really say why exactly but isn’t that what love is all about? We never had an argument and he always pampered me.
On my twentieth birthday, he took me to the mall and I shopped to my satisfaction. He ordered for me a huge cake and a few of my friends came over to my place later in the evening for the little get-together I arranged.  He was not present though, as I wasn’t sure how dad would have received him.  It was so much fun, I hadn’t been so loved my entire life. Continue reading

Trapped E7


Sometimes we sit back and reminisce about a certain past. Deep thoughts about the most important moments, the paths we took that changed the course of time,  our course of time. Now,  I sit down and think about those important turns I took that defined my journey. Yes, I spend most of my days thinking about a past that I can’t possibly change.  Yet, it’s hard not to. What if I hadn’t met…  Ok, it doesn’t really make a difference now.  I can’t stop though, even when I know it’s insignificance. I guess I’ll just have to keep writing and telling my story. It soothes me sometimes, it brings me succor. However, at other times, I just want to end it all. Continue reading



Twenty-four year old Ahmed Garba is a peach of a gentleman. Tall, dark and athletic; the quintessential and eligible bachelor. He bagged a first class degree in Banking and Finance from one of the most popular and reputable private Universities in the country. He is the one and only son of Alhaji S.  Garba,  a foremost businessman in the state. His mum,  Alhaja Mardiyah is well known for her philanthropic gestures. He was pampered and it was very clear to see why. 
He worked at one of the country’s renowned banks not because he needed the salary, but because he had to put his certificate to judicious use and garner experience for when he takes over his father’s business empire.

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Trapped E5

Mum as usual had prepared dinner in anticipation of my arrival. Rice, with loads of plantain- my favorite. She has this way of pampering me to the extreme whenever I get back home after a long absence. I knew the period of grace would end by the birth of a new morn, so I reveled in the comfort of the moment. I had dinner and left her in the sitting room on the pretext that I was tired and had to get some sleep.  It was 7:47pm, dad wasn’t back and mum was on again about his philandering. I had had enough really and I needed an excuse to go to my room. A particularly popular movie started on Afmag just as I stood up (I can’t seem to remember the title), which seemed to quieten her and so she wasn’t really bothered about me leaving her to go to bed.

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Thank You!


What can I say, it’s been a brilliant year for me. Fun and adventurous to say the least; and what’s more, I’m blessed with ardent and beloved readers, likers, sharers and commenters. I don’t really think y’all know how important you are to the growth of this blog and indeed mine. To put it mildly, you’ve been my muse, my inspiration and my drive. Long may it continue. Your supports cannot be overemphasized!  Thank you!!!
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Trapped E4

I spent a couple more weeks in school after my final defense (which I aced), saying my last goodbyes to friends and packing up. My hostel mates especially found it hard to believe I was finally leaving. I could see the hurt in their eyes as I emptied my room one cloth at a time. Banjo would definitely miss my dinner. Dad was supposed to come pick me up on that Saturday but he made up some silly excuse and left me hanging. Well, he more than made up for it by transferring a substantial amount of money into my account though. Hehe, I loved that he didn’t come after all.
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Laser Pointers For My Men

My husband and son are die hard Star Wars and Iron Man fans. They are so addicted to the movies that I had to sit through a couple of episodes to fully understand why. They would talk on ends about the Jedi of the far away galaxies, the ‘lightsaber’ and how the iron man precisely shoots laser from his ‘iron suit’.

I honestly believe they would do anything, absolutely anything to get their hands on one of those laser pointers. What’s with men and props anyway? I don’t quite get it.

Our anniversary and my son’s birthday is just around the corner and I have decided to get both of them laser pointers (or shall I say Sith lord Darth Vader lightsaber). They would absolutely worship me!

It took me a while to get the perfect laser pointers that fit absolutely well with my budget. I found a wide range of products HERE and I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they unwrap their presents.

Trapped E3


 I had always thought the concept of love and loving someone were supposed to be more fun and rosy. I had listened with rapt attention how my friends went on and on about what a beautiful thing love was. Yes, it stings you at first then it begins to sooth you. For me, I guess it was all twisted on its head. The ugly thing blew warm, enjoyable air before taking chunks out of my size eight body. It donned on me that maybe, I was not good enough for him after all. They say time heals all wounds but I believe my time ran on the hour glass mentality. It was slow, painful and grainy. Emotions percolated in and out of me in all tiny pores and holes. I was down, deflated and agonized.

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Trapped E2

I hate to think Segun broke up with me because of his friends. Thinking about it now, he never actually introduced me to any of his friends but he knew all of my immediate friends. All the times we met in school, he was usually alone or having left the company of his friends to see me. I never stopped to think too much about it then though. Even my friends were questioning why he never took me near his ‘boys’. Anyway, it doesn’t matter now jare.
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To be still

Or to roam

I cannot choose.

For when it is free

And finally here

After ages of waiting

And wanting,

It feels so trite

A certain excitement is lacking

Something seems amiss.

I’m torn between

Silence and words

I cannot choose.

For you crave my words

You require my action

But I choose not to

Not to give you that satisfaction

Or perhaps closure.

Let my silence

Make you wonder,

Tarry in the void

Lose yourself in my inactivity.


Just maybe

I’ll again find the spark in you

The magic that once was.

Trapped E1

I met the love of my life when I thought no one would ever love me as deeply as my first love. He had loved me and dumped me. Being the only son of his parents, he had always had high tastes and decided I was not sophisticated enough for him. That was right around the time his music career kick started and he was always in the company of models, shooting videos and frolicking.
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