The midnight sun

What has the moon done wrong to deserve this fate? To be banished from its default period of the night..
Indeed it is supposed to be dark. Yes, it is dark.. But wait! There is still a red ball up out in the sky.. There should be stars & there should have been a moon up there.. Instead the giant sun reigns supreme.. Even more puzzling is that it is only radiating in a thick straight wave on one location.. How do I describe this?? Yes! It is like the whole energy & light of this mysterious midnight sun is centered on a spot.. Every where else is stark dark as it should be..
What is this midnight sun shining on?? Perhaps who?? What makes this focal object an interest of this mystical event??
I know I should be able to explain this, but honestly I can’t.. All I know is that the midnight sun is shining on a unique being, with a special heart..
Well, I only have one human in mind..

Heedriz Depearl


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