The most important word that begins with the letter ‘M’ for me has to be my MOTHER.. Believe me, I know there is money too.. But well, can you blame me??
It is so difficult to really quantify the love of mothers for their children.. (BTW, it is kinda funny I’m waking up from a wonderful & eventful dream about my dad).
Even as we all know that not all women (with children)are mothers, a special appreciation goes to all the wonderful mothers in the world.. To my crown jewel, you are the bestest.. If you can cope with the difficulties of raising me, I think you deserve a Nobel laureate..

The bravest battle that ever was fought!
Shall I tell you where and when?
On the maps of the world you will find it not;
‘Twas fought by the mothers of men.
Nay not with the cannon of battle-shot,
With a sword or noble pen;
Nay, not with eloquent words or thought
From mouth of wonderful men!
But deep in a walled-up woman’s heart —
Of a woman that would not yield,
But bravely, silently bore her part —
Lo, there is the battlefield!
No marshaling troops, no bivouac song,
No banner to gleam and wave;
But oh! those battles, they last so long —
From babyhood to the grave.
Yet, faithful still as a bridge of stars,
She fights in her walled-up town —
Fights on and on in her endless wars,
Then silent, unseen, goes down.
Oh, ye with banners and battle-shot,
And soldiers to shout and praise!
I tell you the kingliest victories fought
Were fought in those silent ways.
— Joaquin Miller (1839-1913)

Heedriz Depearl


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