All I’v had to do for sometime now is surf the internet & get beat up in PES12.. Well, you can’t actually blame me, IT is supposed to be fun.. However, between you & I, I do seriously miss studying for exams..
It is officially the examination season in LAUTECH & UI (those two I know of) & I’m wishing everyone writing a big success.. I know all of you guys are brilliant though, but good luck still (you might need it)..
Now, the beauty of writing 2nd semester exams is that there is a vast period to have fun after.. It is even more interesting for a freshman.. sophomore!!
I can tell you, the thought of being in the second year of study in a university is huge!! (HUGER is that feeling you get when you are going on IT.. I’v decided the HUGEST has to be convocation.. How do you quantify getting admitted into the university??)
So, a special congratulations goes to the newest sophomores in town.. At least I know of two cute ones in UI & a fleet of other gorgeous ones in LAUTECH.. Most importantly ARBIE..
A toast.. To my sophomores..

Heedriz Depearl


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