The mind, as we all know (or as some of us have learnt) is a very powerful tool.. It is an unseen living entity (or shall I say unseen bloody part) of the human body.. I’v always had this long battle with the difference (if any) between the mind & the soul.. Personally, I’v always though the mind is actually related to the brain or the head, in broader terms; While the soul is more drawn to the heart or the body (again in broader terms).. For example, we often ‘THINK’ in our minds.. Yes! You are getting the trick.. On the other hand, GOD ‘SEES’ into the soul of a man & we can ‘FEEL’ in our souls the tranquility that comes with a R&B soul music.. Wheew!!

Okay, to documented literal meanings now;

‘A mind is the complex of cognitive faculties that enables consciousness, thinking, reasoning, perception, and judgement—a
characteristic of human beings, but which
also may apply to other life forms..
A long tradition of inquiries in philosophy,
religion, psychology and cognitive science
has sought to develop an understanding of
what mind is and what are its distinguishing properties. The main questions regarding the nature of mind is its relation to the physical brain and nervous system..’

‘The soul, in many mythological, religious,
philosophical, and psychological traditions, is the incorporeal and, in many conceptions, immortal essence of a person, living thing, or object..’

‘Aristotle defined the soul or psyche as the first actuality of a naturally organized body, but argued against its having a separate existence from the physical body. In Aristotle’s view, the primary activity of a living thing constitutes its soul; for example, the soul of an eye, if it were an independent
organism, would be seeing (its purpose or
final cause)..’

P.S: Soul can function as a synonym for spirit,
mind, psyche or self..

Having put that all away & made some clarity, (or probably complicated things a little more) let’s move to why we are really here..
Again, as some of us have come to gather, the mind in all it’s grace & majesty can be tricked (PLEASE DONT TRY THIS ALONE AT HOME).. Yes, you heard rightly, TRICKED..
Have you ever wondered why we are moody, weak & low in morale when we are alone or sick?? (Actually, being alone often increases the tendency of falling sick.) Well, it is simple.. The mind gets infected with the feeling of sadness & stimulates the body to shutdown..(Mind & soul??)
It is quite fascinating that I can just smile & say pleasant words out loud or ‘think’ about pleasant events & all of a sudden I’ll be feeling fly!! The trick to tricking the mind is quite simple, just think about something awesome & tell yourself you’re alright & then in theory, your body will jump for joy in the realization of the fallacy.. Do trick your mind everytime, anytime.. You’ll certainly live longer..

To the second part of this piece, I’m psychic! Yes, psychic!! I know I shouldn’t be telling you this because it might affect my ‘mojo’, but I just can’t help it.. I certainly have searched for how I can do stuffs I do with my mind & the things I know without prior knowledge.. Now, I think it is safe to reach this awesome conclusion that I’M PSYCHIC..
Isn’t it cool that I can piece together eventful events from obscure words?? Or that I know what you’re thinking (Ladies mostly)?? Yes, I think it is..
Seriously now, a few of us have this great imaginative mind that even Einstein would be proud of.. It always comes in handy if you are a statistician or a Biochemist like me (I can tell you those pathways can be confusing) or a CONMAN even.. But on the other hand, you can start to cook up some ‘shmurky’ scenes & ideas in your head (something serial killers & random killers have in common)..

No matter the complexity or simplicity of your mind, make the most of it.. Positively I mean.. And if you have a mind that sees or create events before they happen, see an expert or better still, CONTACT ME!!


Heedriz Depearl


2 thoughts on “THE MIND

  1. the brain is greater than the sum of its part as a picture is greater than the sum of its pixels. i believe the mind(consciousness) a side effect of the magnificent power of the brain and not a separate entity on its own, the same way FIRE itself is not matter made of atoms but a side effect of combustion reaction and can be easily mistaken as an entity of its own(even Aristotle made this mistake). The soul is the mysterious one, its hard to define but if u as he i would say its just a side effect of consciousness. Life is just one big ball of side effects( that topic is for another day). i think you think you are psychic because you underestimate the power of your brain. The mind is like an iceberg, only about 10% of it can be perceived. every second millions of data is shoved into the brain through our senses and the brain sorts through them giving us what it considers useful and keeping the rest from us. you only feel psychic when something from your subconscious surfaces. in other words, you become aware of what your brain has known even before you thought of it. but then what do i know, this is just my opinion about the subject. i enjoyed reading this.


    • And that is a fantastic contribution man.. Philosophy & psychology are indeed two distinctly difficult fields to dabble into.. You have indeed done justice to the topic & I agree with your submission that the mind is a great effect off of the brain’s magnificence.. I’m glad u have an awesome mind of your own.. 😉


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