(from Migg33->BBM) time does fly..

In 2001, as I can remember vividly, my dad got his 21k MTN sim pack (in case you don’t know, the sim pack was housed in that old cd casings.. SONY empty discs still come in these casings though) and an ERICSSON phone (that one with a huge horn & manual calculator-like display). It was hugely exciting back then, when I’l sneak into his room & play my daily 5minutes SOLITAIRE.. It is interesting to note that MTN calls were charged on a per-minute billing then & there were only 400, 750 & 1500 recharge cards then.. I actually once thought the recharge cards were being inserted into the phone.. Lolz..
Fast Forwarding to 2003, I joined the elite phone users.. Now, GLOBACOM has sprung up around August, bringing down the prices of MTN sim packs.. This aided my integration as I got my sim for 12k (my pop actually got it for me). This was where it got even more interesting as I was the only one using a ‘mobile’ phone in my school. As a humble-brag that I was, I got myself a pouch & wore it on my belt (it was pretty cool).. Oh! I forgot to mention, it was ‘that’ pop’s ERICSSON after he upgraded..
Fast Forwarding to 2005, I got myself a stunning MOTOROLA C3 (or so.. That slim aluminum covered camera phone). And that was the beginning of social networking for me.. It is worthy of note that all previous internet accesses started in 2004 & were limited to 1hr every Friday after school.. I got myself a NY.com email then & mostly just play internet games.
In 2006, GLO was my no1 downloading network.. Then, my biggest buddy & I would wake up in the middle of the night & download a game of between 200kb-300kb with N100 worth of credit.. EBUDDY, NIMBUZZ & MIG33 were the biggest instant messengers back then, as well as the YAHOO MESSENGER.. Social networks back then were predominantly MYSPACE & TAGGED.. FACEBOOK was still sparsely popular(even though it has been around since 2004). It should be noted that up till this time, only the best of us use ‘camera’ & WAP enabled phones.
All in all, these were hugely exciting times & we had maximum fun meeting different people around the world..
Back to this current time, the world is flooded with BLACKBERRIES, iPHONES, iPADS, ANDROIDS, TABLETS etc.. Twitter, facebook, BBM, 2GO and a host of others have millions of active users..
Personally, I think internet & the technological advances have been phenomenal but unfortunately, it has been detrimental to the educational system of this country especially as only a few of us actually use the internet for it’s educational purpose..
More evil or good?? The answer lies with you.. As for me, it is phenomenal living in this age (I had done my WAEC & JAMB when there was no BBM or 2go distraction)..


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