Indeed, everything that has a beginning must surely have an end.. What a year 2012 has been. To be honest, it has been the most financially wrecked & demoralizing year for Nigeria & Nigerians in diaspora. But as always, there is always light at the end of a dark tunnel. However, as timid & opaque the year has been in general, I have to admit I quite shone through. You too!! As you are there to usher in 2013.
For me, 2012 was a year of unparalleled growth in all ramification. A year where the number of my potentially great friends grew. A year where I met the future leaders of this country. A year where I also learnt a great deal about leadership, humility & respect. A year where I finally knew that to really eclipse one’s peak, one has to walk into the unknown…
2012 was my year of absolute conviction in the phrase ‘Que Sera Sera..’ (Whatever Will Be, Will Be). Most importantly, 2012 was the year I learnt to appreciate what I had more ( a bird at hand is worth millions in the bush).
2012 had its ups & downs, the Mayans even predicted the world would end. Guess what, the earth keeps spinning.
As we transit into 2013, I have this huge feeling that it’s gonna be a financially & physiologically pleasant year. Of course, it is the year where I conclude my university education. I’m hugely excited & I can’t wait!! Bring it on!!
To everybody that made my 2012 a fantastic one, let’s forge ahead in the new year 2013. Let 2013 be even greater for us and the world in totality.


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