‘miscellaneous minds are never explaining their minds..
Bad tempered, hostile, proud, egoistic, egocentric, nag, clown, sweet-mouthed and player are just some of the words that I have been described with. Somebody even thought I go wild when I don’t get what I want. On the other hand, some people have made me out to be kind, sweet, funny, amazing, comfy and even loving. If you ask me, I would deny some of these attributes, both the positive and negative. However, since most of these qualifications came from people who actually do know me  and have/have had dealings with me, they cannot be entirely ignored.

I love my friends, the closest of them I consider family which I cannot trade for anything! some I have gone through thick and thin with, others I have shared intimate moments (uhmm, I dont entirely mean what you are thinking), while I have not even met some and yet we relate like we see eachother everyday. What can I do without my real friends?? I dread to answer that.

Truth be told, I am a perfectionist but I am not in any sense flawless. You are more likely to see me frown at my toothpaste tube being middle-pressed by a friend than me have dinner ready for that same friend. Also in my twisted world, I make fun of those particular friends that I love and cant do without.  So, it is always the case that I hit, frustrate and swear at my besties. This is just me, dont blame me for it.

You would think being born into a family that consists of 4 ladies would make things easy for the only guy but dang! I do miss having an older bro. Amusingly, I never relate with the female side of my family on matters relating to womanhood or how ladies think or act. I just cant be bothered! however, when your sister calls you up and along the line told you you have to be with a gurl that cares about you, you just gatta listen!  Some cords being struck..

I’ve been in love, it is painful, pointless and overrated. It is however the best thing in the whole universe. If only fools fall in love, count me in! OK relax, more about the dreaded four letter word will come in the 2nd volume of this series. Keep it locked down!!

On a final note, I’m moderately-tempered and I never carry my angst forward. I dunno if I nag but I’m definitely not hostile, egocentric, egoistic, proud or a player (whatever that means). I want the best always, and I require my friends to too, so I may appear to be very demanding. DONT BLAME ME FOR IT!


2 thoughts on “THE REAL ME.. Vol.1

  1. Haha. With four sisters? you have no option but to be sweet and loving n all that shiit, they sorta wash-off on you(do an internal imaging scan n am sure u will find tiny ovaries just floating around in your torso somewhere). You are right about love tho,it is so overrated. But then again what is love? I doubt there is a universal agreement on what it what I feel what u feel? Is my green your green? That kinda thing. Anyway nice piece. Lmao at you getting mad over your toothpaste being squeezed at the middle tho. 🙂 like a young man,who I just completely made up just for the sake of writing something that would make me come off as smart on this blog, once said ‘the right kind of flaws only adds beauty to ones character’. Wait, that actually kind of makes sense, Asa prolly tot the same thing when she decided to name her album ‘beautiful imperfection’. To be human is to be error,flawed. U just proved ur human idris, n a beautiful one too.


    • and again I’m in awe and rightly honoured by your comments mate. I doubt I gat ovaries anywhere tho, you are more likely to find small microscopic zoans.. love is an issue for another day and as I have always said, I envy you intelligence.. *salute*


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