I’m much more inclined to say that any idiot can give birth as not all child-bearing women are actually MOTHERS. If you’ve still got a mother, you need to know how extremely lucky you are and if you’ve lost yours, be especially grateful and thankful for their loving memories and all the special moments you shared with them.

My perspective of what MOTHERS really are broadened during a recent visit to the ‘motherless babies home.’ It is so saddening that those babies were unlucky to be left in the arms of strangers (very capable arms though) for their upkeep and upbringing.

Why a woman would give birth and dump the baby is still beyond me. If there were no means of taking care of the children, why bring them into the world in the first place?! I know all fingers are not equal and my judgement may be a bit clouded from my experience, yet, no baby should ever be without his/her parent.

I actually had a wholesome time with the kids and you need to see their smiles, it was so wonderful and bright! Honestly, it took me a little time to adjust and get absolved into their company, but once I did, I actually didn’t want to leave and neither did a particular little boy want to leave my arms. He practically cried to sleep when he realised I won’t be leaving with him (I’m that good with kids).
If and when you can, pay these little ones a visit, play exuberantly with them and let them feel loved.
I really do have to give huge kudos to the workers at the motherless homes too. They are quite the mothers those kids never had and I appreciate them for the wonderful job they are doing. More grease to your elbow.

Finally, if you can, try to give these babies a home to live in. Adoption is a wonderful thing..


6 thoughts on “THE MOTHERLESS

  1. Wowwwwww………… A very nice article., I feel touched n probably will find time out of ma busy schedule to visit one of this motherless homes……..


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