There was a time when our grandparents (grandmas especially) had no say in who they get married to. Their future husbands/wives and lifetime happiness (or otherwise) were chosen for them by their parents.

Fast forwarding to the present age, this practice seems over and out. Actually, I’m glad I get to pick my own wife. However, how successful this is as against the old ages’ ways is a debate for another day.

I happen to believe in synergy and chemistry. I believe in instant connections. If I don’t feel it, it aint real. I should be able to close my eyes and see her in all of her essence and grace. I should be able to hear her supersonic voice and see her face in 3D in my dreams. Simply put, I don’t believe in ‘falling in love’ (literally) over time..

We are all quite different, so, for I do not believe in falling in love over time doesn’t make it unsavoury. Actually, it is quite beautiful. Sometimes, it goes to show how tolerant, open-minded and strong we can be. However, I believe it leaves other doors open.

Say I find a girl and she has all the right attributes anyone would require in a gurl, but I do not see or feel any spark. It would be normal for me to decide to go on with it, with the positive and optimistic belief that with time, my love for her will blossom and bloom. Don’t get it wrong, I really do want to be with the girl, I just don’t love her enough at that starting point (don’t forget this is an analogy).

Again, it is also quite possible that in that moment of creating my brand of love for her, along comes a breath and heart-stopping girl who shoots her cupid arrows straight through my heart. What happens then??

In my opinion, it is easier to change another person’s attitude and ways with a mutually shared love than to create or progressively fall in love with a person because of their attitudes and ways..

PS; my judgement here may be a little bit clouded because of all these TELEMUNDO soaps i’ve been seeing.. I believe in fairy tales though (they always end well) and I sure as heaven believe in love at first sight..


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