To die for a woman is easy, to live for a woman is difficult..

‘ALWAYS’ is the key to every woman’s heartbreak. They always want, most of the time, what they can’t have. They expect men to ALWAYS be there, to ALWAYS provide their every needs. Relationships END and they ALWAYS END BADLY if they didn’t, they wouldn’t end at all.

They say enthusiastically that all men are dogs and scums. They talk over and over about what monsters we are. However, they don’t understand that they are the very ones that created the Frankenstein they abhor..

Every womaniser, every player is only doing so out of fear; the fear of being crushed by a women. Honestly, back in the days, they weren’t a ‘player’, they loved one girl, JUST ONE! They gave up their heart for one girl and what happened? They got crushed, cheated on or they got destroyed and when they finished picking up pieces of what was once their heart, they made a vow, never to give it up again!

The guys that break hearts occupationally, believe it or not, those guys were the most beautiful and most romantic of all. They were the ones who got hurt the most of all; because they never got over it. You recover, but you never get over it!
And when they all recovered, they all said, ‘OK! I see!! All right!!! Is that how it is going to be?! I can play that game too!!!!!!’ Hence the vicious chain reaction of heart breaks.

I used to think getting dumped was worse than dumping someone else, until I finally dumped someone myself and I can tell you it is way worse than getting dumped yourself, because now, you have to deal with the fact that it was your idea and your action and you are constantly second-guessing yourself. Did I do the right thing? Is he/she the best person I’l ever find?? Am I gonna be alone for the rest of my life??? Worse still, you have to turn that person into someone you can hate, to try to find a way you can live with that decision.

I think it is pretty clear, i’ll rather get dumped than dumping someone else; but again, I don’t have to worry about all that..


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