Be happy with what you have, until you find better..

Why can’t we see what is right in front of us? Why don’t we appreciate the friends and lovers we have NOW?

Life and love is cruel. Forget about contentment, we all want more and better!
Talking about finding love, the joy it momentarily brings, eventually finding better and the inevitable heartbreak. It begs the question, ‘why fall in love at all’? Why do we always hold out for something and someone better? When all we need do is appreciate those in our lives and if need be, make them better.

I’m not the greatest of lovers, neither am I the most romantic there is. Actually, I think I’m too pragmatic and too much of a realist to be the romantic lover I’ve always dreamt of. Or maybe I’m just super engrossed in having less to no expectations.

I’m responsible for my own happiness and my family is responsible for me. No love can best my family’s love for me and I choose that over all else. After all, they have been the peace and tranquillity I’v always required after every and all aches.

I cannot be with someone I’m ashamed to be seen with, it aint practical. You spend so much of your time going to places that you never go, trying not to run into people that you do know. It doesn’t make any sense.

In that light, I also cannot be with someone who isn’t quite comfortable with me in public. What’s the point of being with you if I can’t show you off outside. Don’t bother kissing me when we are alone if you can’t when we are in the bus.
I know some people are naturally shy anyways, and that is why shy gurls have never been for me.

In real love, the paradox occurs that two beings become one and yet remain two..


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