I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, infact, my spoon wasn’t bronze either; but glory be to God, it wasn’t exactly plastic..

Truth is, I started off at the very bottom. My story is the definition of ‘humble beginnings.’ The journey has been crooked but absolutely exciting. Looking back, I just can’t but give thanks to the supreme being.

I started off as an average young boy, full of life and with a glowing smile to match. Being the only son and last born of a military man, I didn’t get all the freedom nd playtime I would have wanted. I wasn’t even allowed to play football with other kids (any young boy will tell you how much that hurts). It was like I was a project, designed to succeed on all fronts. Every end of the term report sheets were scrutinised and I couldn’t just afford to have a subject marked in red pen. Worse still, the class teacher’s and headmaster’s comments were always checked and the fact that I was so very stubborn were always boldly pointed out.

You have to know I wasn’t the brightest boy in my class. Actually, I was always behind 3 very brilliant boys (One of them is currently a medical doctor in the making and another is a graduate of mathematics, so I think you get the point). I wasn’t dull either, I was pretty much above average (around 70-80%). These boys were the only reason I never get to take home prizes at the end of every school session.
It wasn’t until I got to Primary 6 that I was able to knock one of them off his perch. My primary school classmates were so brilliant the top10 positions were always a feisty fight.

I really was stubborn and bullish. So much so that I was appointed the school’s ‘Assistant Compound Overseer’ in primary 4. You see, there were health and labour prefects, but I guess the headmaster thought the school needed a strong hand in keeping the school environment clean, hence my appointment. Anyway, I actually enjoyed making the cute girls pick up dirts.

Talking about girls, you have to understand that despite being bullish, I was pretty shy with girls. I was a recipient of 12 hot strikes of a water-soaked cane for writing a love letter to my first crush in Primary 4. The girl was the cutest and most colourful lotus in school and getting caned heavily because of her was worth it. I didn’t eventually win her heart but I was fulfilled in the knowledge that she knows I hold her dear.

However, I had to beat a girl up in Primary 6. She sat with her legs wide open and my friends and I just had to stare. Her friends told her and she took it out on ONLY me. You all can agree that isn’t fair, so I lifted her up in the sky and dropped her face first into the dirt (wrestling style).
I was bad like that..

On a more solemn note, I had quite a good and unforgettable primary school education. I do not miss it though.. The ‘iya’ was just too much..
Stay tuned for volume 2, stay blessed..


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