nostalgia (deep)..

And instead of using force, I should just have let you win..

I used to know a certain beautiful girl. She was young, naïve but very strong. She holds her ground pretty well.
Lemme talk you through this episode. It is about one gurl and one gurl only. The only gurl to keep me grounded for two years.

For most, a couple of years isn’t a big deal. For a guy like me, it’s ages. You see, I get tired of reoccurring acts and actions pretty easily. As much as I’m always in control, I appreciate those special peeps that break through my defence system.

I used to live and breathe WESTLIFE.. In my early university days, all I sang (to my hostel-mates’ delights and sometimes chagrins) were their awesome blues. Naturally, gurls love a handsome guy with a good and romantic voice. So, I was popular with the new girls.

It was a cool evening, the perfect day to fall in love. Right in front of me sat a black epitome of beauty. Dark eyes, black hair, piercing but withdrawn gaze, full of grace. Alas, it was the same gurl I thought at first wasn’t respectful. She turned out pretty humble and welcoming. Young gurls, always trying to hold their fort with a begrudging first impression.

I had this wonderful first chat with this cutie and more scintillating tete-a-tetes followed, mostly at dusks. Just so you know, the best conversations are had at night, when the wind and the birds set the tone for your romantic deliveries (if you’re loaded anyway). I enjoyed those times, nostalgic even and I do miss them.

I remember she said, ‘i’m too young to have a boyfriend.’ My response was funny, but she believed it. I remember I promised to be there, and God knows I did my best. It was a brother’s kinda love, a best friend’s too. Everytime I listen to Solidstar’s ‘Perfect girl’, her picture pops up in my head. Not because she was perfect, but because she ‘always follow my instructions’ and that was why I gave her all the attention.

Ladies have to know, the key to a real man’s heart is good delicious food; Plain simple! No one cares about the Mary K that you’l eventually wash off. A real nigga derives pleasure in having a gurl that can make him bite his fingers off. In this girl, I had a great, caring cook. I don’t exactly suck at cooking, but having that feminine touch with my meals was awesome. If nothing else, I miss those dinners.

Girls who ask for nothing deserve everything. Yes, she deserves everything. I choose to remember the good times and I definitely appreciate meeting such a wondrous creature. If situations and times were different, I’m sure she would have made a great wife. If I was faced with similar choices, I would have chosen US against the world. I still feel guilty for my hugest mistake but God knows I tried to right the wrongs.

I can’t sleep, only because I’m wheezing and I find myself writing this, so don’t sweat it baby..

did I ever say i’l love you forever? Even if I said I would love you forever, I must have been outta my mind..


7 thoughts on “nostalgia (deep)..

  1. Oh so sad! I read somewhere this morning that ‘if it doesn’t open, it is not your door’, and I totally respect and appreciate the quote. I think each one of us, at some point in our lives, is faced with this kind of scenario where our feelings have led us to places where we don’t belong, so that we end up with cracks and sores that sometimes overwhelm the rare joy those moments brought too. It’s sad and painful, but it’s life and we must move on.

    The beauty of such moments ultimately, lies in the fact that we got lucky to experience something that beautiful, even if once in our lives and even if it didn’t last. Nothing lasts forever anyway, this we must always keep in mind. 🙂

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  2. Yeah, pretty little daunting feelings and emotions. That’s the idea miss, enjoy it while it lasts and move on when it does come to an end. Indeed, every thing does come to an end… That was beautiful and it was a pretty long time ago. Hehe, what had come after and what is coming, trumps it. oops…

    Merci mademoiselle. :*

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