..The choice is yours; either to be the king or to be the dog..

I had a chance to go to the Unity Secondary School in Abuja, the Federal Government College in Ogbomosho and even Command Day Secondary School, Ibadan. I turned them all down because of the distance, the bad idea of staying in a boarding school and the well publicised strictness respectively. I spent two weeks in Ikolaba Grammar School though, before moving to a nascent private secondary school. That decision in the long run proved vital.

As earlier established, I was cantankerous. Going to a boarding or day-public school would have added gasoline to my inflamed character. I would have, simply put, gone rogue. Thank God my parents realised this.

I had an enjoyable secondary school education, complete with arguably the best English language teacher around at that time. I learnt and taught English language. I had to, my teacher sabi beat. Talking about my GNS teacher here would be highly controversial though. Let’s just leave it at his linguistic prowess.
My secondary school story won’t be complete without the numerous feminine related controversies.

I made my first enemy in Jss1 when I gave a Jss2 girl a ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART’ card. The enemy was a classmate and keen admirer of the girl. We fought it out physically most of the time but I don’t think either of us got the girl’s heart. She has a child now tho :D..

I got my first real girlfriend in SSS2. You have to know that in those days, girls were not always the priority even for a boy like me especially in the kinda school I was. Also, being the SP, there were enough responsibilities and role-playing to keep me in line. The good thing however is, as the SP, you always get who you want. Girls so much love guys in any position of authority and power.

On a bright, cold morning, news got to me that a cute young girl was in the library, taking the entrance test (the bearer of that good news is now a pastor BTW 😀 ). I left my class with keen interest and headed for the library. There she was, beautiful and graceful. I still remember her long hair, thin voice and a much bigger bosom than her age would suggest. The rest they say is history.

On a controversial note, I had a rather challenging SSS3. A certain girl engaged me in incessant midnight texting and unfortunately for us, her dad got to read one of my romantic texts and reported the case to school. It so happened that she has been texting me with her dad’s phone. Only the dopest of us had mobile phones back then though, so you can’t blame her.

I can’t seem to forget that life-changing day when my gf and her friend approached me in school to ask what really makes me academically proficient. To be honest, I didn’t know. All I told them was to study late into the night. Afterall, that was what I always do and that exactly is what I have to thank for my poor sight. That inquiry propelled me to study more and harder. I realised I had cuties to impress.

Naturally, it aint uncommon for the male and female senior prefects to have a mutually shared affection. I however have a good buddy of mine to blame for interrupting what would have been a fantastic kiss with my head girl on one very cool evening in school. You suck bro!!

The kinda school I attended, the type of education I got, the caliber of people I met, the level of responsibility I took on, the kinda man the controversies and tribulations made me, I gatta admit, I couldn’t have wanted it any better. I was basically beaten and punished throughout, but it was pretty much worth it..



7 thoughts on “HISTORIA VITAE MEAE.. Vol. 2

  1. First of all, kudos to you for this experience-into-blog tin. I always love your post especially this particular one. The sky is ur starting point bro. Reading dis post made me remember a lot, plus i witnessed if not 60% of this post 45% shud be enough. That your first gf …… All is well (speechless). It was lyk Agbani Derego was in the schl premises, all the boys in our class went 4rm cold to flaming hot talking abt her. Guess ur SP power workd it out. Keep doing dis man. Love reading ur posts. Gods strenght.


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