I don’t know much, but what I know, I know very well..

There are different kinds of girls. Worst still, there are numerously different modes of action and thinking levels of girls in similar groups. Simply put, girlhood is complicated.
In this assessment, I have decided to group girls into the following categories:

1- Girls who know what their significant-other wants.
1i- Girls who know and give their significant-other what he wants.
1ii- Girls who know what their significant-other wants but won’t give him.

2- Girls who do not in the very least know what their significant-other wants.

Most girls know what their significant-other wants, but the million dollar question is ‘do they readily give?’ It is one thing to know what he wants and not give him and it is another thing to not know what he wants totally. We can all agree that this is the worse group of girls ever. There is indeed no doubt that guys hold in high esteem girls who spontaneously and effortlessly decipher what they want and require in a given situation and provide them unconditionally.

PS; You need orientation and better still, see me if while at this stage your mind is centered at sex being the ‘what they want.’

Back to why this was written, I was recently treated to an all expense paid date and as much as I enjoyed myself, the experience highlighted the masculine urge and tendency to take charge and foot bills.

For the first time on a date, my wallet remained in my pocket. Simply put, it was awkward. I couldn’t help but notice the girls behind the counters steal occasional glimpses and surprised stares at me as she made payments. Being the cucumber that I am, I kept a cool, seductive smiley face. I think I even winked at one. 😉

It happens to be my best date till date not primarily because she foot the bills, but because I took a step backwards for the first time on a date and watched her take charge. I enjoyed being treated to a date but it’l take a persuasion for a second act. 😀
What better way to cap a wonderful evening than to see Johnny Depp’s ‘The Lone Ranger.’Thanks b, you rock..



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