you are only as good as you think you are..

I used to have everything at my fingertips, I used to be the top dog. Here, I had to work for everything I earned; there was so much competition and I realised I wasn’t as bright as I originally thought..
Welcome to my early years in the university.

One of my happier days was when I eventually got to see my whole WAEC results. That year, a couple of key courses were initially ‘outstanding.’ WAEC tormented me emotionally by making sure the courses were released in tandem, days and sometimes weeks apart.

Another ecstatic day for me which rivals the aforementioned was when I got my admission letter to study biochemistry. I had put in for Medicine the previous year but despite my high score, I didn’t get admitted. I later got to know that being admitted into Medicine isn’t about your academic excellence alone, (as they often put it) ‘your legs must be pretty long too’

Yeah, I have to tell you, I actually did first semester PD before the JAMB admission list was released. Those were hugely exciting times. I was always sat at the mid-section on the far left hand side of 1500LT, beside a large TV display. I’m short-sighted, so I rely on the TV display beside me to see what the lecturer was writing on the big projector in front of the class. I still maintain, your LAUTECH days aint complete if you didn’t experience the pre-degree program.
We would leave class by 12pm and basically race to our tutorial centre, just to get a seat in front. I attended RCF tutorials back then and it was especially fun.

My 100L days were intense. I only knew a few of my departmental mates (mostly girls) and I had only one male friend in the beginning. I basically lived a triangular lifestyle- school hostel tutorials. I had to, MTH 101&102 were made out to be almighty because they were 5units courses. I can tell you the first year is the most stressful academically. Partly because you’ll want to ace all your courses and also because you are a neonate in the system.

I was unsurprisingly single throughout my first year. I decided to choose my books over gurls (although I couldn’t help teasing a number of gurls). That decision paid off in the long run especially as my department is renowned for sucking GPs. 😀

I made loads of friends instead and it was especially fun. My best mate in 100L was a die-hard Chelsea fan (I wrote ‘chelshit’ initially, freaging auto-correct kept changing it :p ); complete with a big head and a dark shining skin (the type that glows on ‘adiagbon’). Hour was also my departmental mate BTW. Only god knows how he always got to class very early. He was instrumental in me always sitting in the front rows in class though.

In my second year, with a favourable GP backing me, I freaging let loose. By now, I knew almost every lecture-attending members of my department. It was always fun sitting under the mango tree in college all day most of the time, just chatting. I miss that tree already. Come to think of it, there aint no mango tree in the new college, there isn’t even any tree whatsoever.. Dang!!

This story won’t be complete without mentioning a certain cute gurl who had caught my attention right from the very first day in 1200LT. She was always flanked by two dudes though. She seemed to hardly go anywhere without them; I never quite understood why. I never failed to let her know how beautiful she is though, so much so that an anonymous photographer took a hidden picture of me in the act.

My first two years in the university were awesome generally. Educationally, my sophomore sucked. You cannot afford to resist those college gurls.. 😡

life is too short to leave important words unsaid..


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