LIP’S SERVICE should be kissed, and often, by someone who knows how..

It is often said that you can discern everything a relationship holds in the long run by the very first kiss. Perhaps it is a myth, perhaps it is a misconception; one thing is certain however, if the first kiss doesn’t feel right, if it doesn’t mesmerize either, then subsequent ones most likely wont be refreshing and anticipated.. Except you are fortunate to read this.

The first kiss is more like the first love; it is seldom forgotten. It lingers on in the memory and occasional flashes of remembrance bring an unending joy to the heart. That is if it was rightly done and justifiably unforgettable.

Kissing, just like love making is an art. Anybody can have sex and anybody can lock lips, but only a few have actually mastered the the art of love making or lip’s service. The art of kissing is simple, yet intricate. It follows certain basic rules and acts, making it understandably simple. Master these simple rules and acts and you are on your way. Actually, for an average Bob, knowing these basic things alone would suffice..

In simple terms, kissing is basically categorized into two:
-Lip-sucking kiss
-The tongue kiss (French kiss)
Notice I’m not deviating from the mouth-to-mouth kisses.

One of the basic things that is taken for granted when kissing is ‘closing of the eyes.’ What exactly are you staring at?? I find it offensive in the very least. As ordinary as it may sound, truth is, you cant have a good kiss with your eyes opened. You need to be lost in the moment, let loose, feel rather than see. Let the thoughts of the present occupy your mind, embrace the current act and watch the passion soar.

Personal hygiene is extremely important and it cannot be over-emphasized. No one would wanna lock lips with someone with a bad breathe or mouth odour. Make it a habit of brushing your teeth at least twice daily and at best, after each meal.

With a good personal hygiene comes my personal favorite gimmick, mints and sweets. Listen, no one  would kiss and enjoy a sour lip. With that in mind, mints and sweets should become your new best friends.  Some gums perfectly combines these two, just make sure you spit it out before kissing. Mints and sweets give the mouth altogether a general welcoming and brilliant taste and feel. A refreshing breathe makes for a passionate kiss. They make people want to just lick and kiss you pink. It ultimately makes for an awesome and enjoyable kiss. Just don’t go kissing after a  big bowl of amala, it just kills the vibe.. :p

Touch is everything. What you do with your hands while kissing is very important. Leaving your hands idle while in the act makes for a boring and short session. Actually, kissing and touching are supposed to be in sync, if you really want to have a second session. Explore with ease and calm and you might just take it to the next level.

Our tongues were made primarily for tasting, but it’s no secret that there are loads of other things that unique muscle can do. Utilising your tongue while kissing comes in at a respectable third (y’all can guess what the number two thing is). However, this act takes some mastering and common sense. You just don’t go choking the other person with your tongue by putting the whole length of the tongue down their throat. It is safer to stick with the lips-sucking but it is always thrilling, mesmerizing with the tongue ( if you know how to). Don’t go French kissing if either one is uncomfortable with it.



In the middle of a French kiss, spell out a secret message with the tip of your tongue against your partner’s..
..there is magic in a good kiss!!


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