it takes a strong owner to say NO after a couple of YES and stop serving her cookie after experiencing the ecstacy, fantasy and joy of service..

To understand what it takes to keep cookies locked tightly in cookie jars, we have to analyse and understand how and why it is difficult to keep cookies jarred.

Come to think of it, I think it is even easier for cookie owners with untouched whole cookies to keep them safely stored in the comfort of the cookie jar than owners with licked or half-eaten cookies. Time tends to strengthen the resolve of whole-cookie owners. If they have kept the cookie locked up in the jar for as long as they have, how much more is a couple of more years gonna hurt??
Infact, I think past the teenage years, the twenties promise a calm, solemn resolve full of experience- there is no serving of the cookie until the time is absolutely right.

For a cookie owner who has had her cookie licked, frolicked or half-eaten (little less or little more), deciding to keep it locked up in a jar can prove to be very difficult even when it looks like the right thing to do. Time in this case may prove to be the biggest burden. Humans generally feel nostalgic and it is quite easy not to steal an apple when you don’t know how it tastes. Once you’ve experienced the sweetness of the apple, stealing it could prove to be such a huge temptation. I think the half-eaten cookie owners that decide to store the half left in a cookie jar deserve more respect and appreciation.

Why is it difficult to keep cookies jarred?? That is the million dollar question. Quite frankly, a couple of factors come into play. I for one believe in conviction and resolution. No one should ever do something if they aint completely comfortable doing it. Conviction levels vary, that exactly is why there are differences in the quality and types of cookie owners.

Away from the aforementioned, it is no secret that some eaters are good enough to break some owners down, strong-willed or not. This is one obstacle that can actually be circumvented. Just don’t be alone with capable or even potential cookie eaters, plain simple!!

Peer groups and the pressure also play a key role in the successful (or otherwise) storage of cookies. There is a better chance of getting your cookie tasted prematurely or over eaten if you are surrounded by owners who have next to no cookies on offer..

I have often wondered, why do cookie owners think bobs are basically kept around by the occasional cookie dessert they serve them?? Any bob who wants to stay with a cookie owner will stay regardless of the services he gets. Truth is, this all stems from insecurity and low self-esteem. Cookie owners should value their cookie jars and themselves enough to keep their cookies locked up until the time is right. It is not like it is certain that the current bob will be there tomorrow. Basically, QUE ÇERA CERA. Why then do you need to serve cookies to make anyone love or stay with you??

Some of us love cookie owners with standards, those ones that have something to lose. If you actually dunno there is always something to lose, your worthlessness is basically highlighted and heightened and savage eaters will definitely pounce. Increase your self-worth, heighten your self-esteem and confidence, be strong and firm. No matter the level of consumption your cookie has attained, there is still gonna be something left to safely store in a cookie jar (except there is actually nothing left to salvage).

I put it to you, it is quite and obviously difficult to keep cookies untouched and cookie jars locked. Actually, I think the art and act in this age has become quite impossible to master and execute respectively. Whole and untouched cookie owners are becoming rarer and impossible to find by every dawn. I dare say they are actually becoming relics, the quintessence of womanhood.


..BTW, serving a cookie once still makes it half-eaten.. Forget the fact that it was a quickie..


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