BENEATH THE BEAUTY built your walls so high that no one can climb it..


No  one is perfect, it is often said and well documented that ‘perfect people are not real and real people are not perfect.’ I’m actually honestly on the lookout for imperfections in somewhat perfect people, just so I can appreciate their being and existence more; even if it is just a negligible case of keeping me waiting.

Truth be told, loads of people are close to perfection and yes, what I consider perfect might be unappealing to someone else. Just like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, the perception of perfectness and flawlessness is in the mind of the ‘perceptor’.

As I’ve pointed out in a post previously, I’m somewhat of a perfectionist myself, not because I’m perfect or want to make things/people perfect in the whole sense, I just have this keen urge to heighten and make people realise their true worth and act accordingly. In the case of ‘things’, I always aim to make things as close to being perfect as possible, without having to over do things, but rather by not under-doing things.

I’ve been stuck in the arduous process of fathoming and digesting the lyrics, contextual and connotative meanings of Labyrinth’s ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’ for quite some time. I just can’t help it, I feel like the song speaks to me on a personal level and it most definitely always gets me thinking each time I listen to it (and by each time I mean every morning and evening).

What exactly is beneath all our charade and the façade we put up? What lies beneath the cute face and captivating smile? What stays hidden in the darkness behind the golden pulse-quickening voice? What exactly makes us us? What are we ultimately willing to keep hidden in the darkness of our being and never ever bring to light? What imperfections are we hiding beneath our conspicuous perfection??

Would we let other people see beneath our beauty and perfection? Are we willing to take off the veil? Do we really want people to see what lies deep down inside us? That one person who can see beneath the fancy and gaze right down inside us to see the weaknesses and undesirables and still maintains their height of affection for us is who we are really meant to be with.
In my opinion, if you can think of a few things someone who has been close and personal with you for quite some time doesn’t know about you because you’ve felt uncomfortable telling them, then you might sincerely want to review things.

Personally, I’m a talker. Yet, I pride myself at meticulously choosing my words even when it seems like I’m saying it all. To make me pour it all out is a feat only the special and unique can accomplish. Needless to say I come alive when I meet another being who talks and listens equally well.

..would you let me see beneath your beauty, would you let me see beneath your perfection?? Take it off now girl, I wanna see inside..’


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