..forever young, I wanna be forever young..

I’ve always had a crazy bucket list. Some of the things I plan to do are so weird that I can’t  even begin to share them. Actually, there is a whole lot of things one should do before the age of 25. A buddy of mine brought this up and it got me thinking. It hurts that he has only got a few days left to complete some of the things on the list.

Without much ado, I give you some of the most important things to do and experience before your 25th birthday.

This is my personal favourite. It would be super awesome to take your parents out for lunch or dinner. They have been dutifully spoiling you all your life and it’s about time you reciprocated. They will surely adore you more.

It is imperative that you leave your immediate surrounding and explore. Travel, see what is going on in other parts of the country and world at large. Leave the comfort of your accustomed habitat and experience the culture of another. Uhmm, travelling within culturally similar locations do not actually count though.

We’ve all spent a considerable amount of time with our parents. Hence, it is imperative to live alone before your 25th birthday. You should be responsible for yourself. Some of us actually live alone in school though ( I’m sure that still counts, for those of us without roomies I mean). Getting your own place and getting your own things is the first step in moving into adulthood.

This sounds inevitable, but I actually mean be consciously single before your 25th birthday. Being single affords you the time and peace to actually think deeply on what you really want and who you actually wanna be with. Lay off any serious relationship for a given period of time and just take your time to think about yourself only and spoil yourself without the hassle of commitments.

What is life without someone to share it with? Find and fall in love. Commit to a relationship and learn to think about someone other than yourself. Before you turn 25, you should have honestly learnt how your actions and reactions have a direct impact on someone else’s feelings. It’s a beautiful knowledge.

I believe everyone should document their life stories, the struggles and the breakthroughs. This is another important thing to do before your 25th birthday. At 25, you are stepping into a new stage of your life and what better way to start that phase than to have a detailed chapter on how far you’ve come.

Yipee!! Your 25th birthday celebration is supposed to be huge. Actually, birthday celebrations for ages ending with 0 and 5 are supposed to be huge. Yet, before 25, make sure you throw a party, have maximum fun, all night.

Yes! Blind dates are thrilling! Before 25, you should go on a couple. I love surprises actually, so blind dates fascinate me. Be open minded and you could be lucky enough to meet a perfect match. for two, weather for two; when you give birth to two, do invite us too..


5 thoughts on “BEFORE 25

  1. Captivating, i must say. I’m more than honoured this post greatly involves me, consequently, i think am obliged to put some strings below it.. one at a time
    Take your Parents out: I must confess, i felt like boarding a bus down to Ibadan from Lagos right after i read that priceless point, but here i am, promising myself i will surely do that before the set date, few days to go though (olofofo).
    Travel, Live alone and Be single: In these facets, am quite sure you know i’ve gotten much more than i bargained for.
    Commit: OMG!, did i forget to tell you? Well, i found her just of recent.. She’s everything i could have hoped for, i cant wish for more.
    Historia Vitae: Believe me, i will take a pain and make use of some inks today. I’m sure some brain buffers cant handle the memory mine is handling right now without crashing.
    Host a party & Go on a blind date:*tongue out* You sure know my personality doesnt flow with that.


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  3. Hehe. I totally dig everything on here, and ‘m really looking forward to doing them before I clock that age.

    Although, the only thing ‘ve almost always dreamed about is Travelling and seeing the world. It helps you grow, and gives you a reason to try new things and leave your comfort zone.

    About the blind date thing though? Hahah! That thing is just as creepy as it sounds. ‘m not sure I wanna put that on my list.

    Nice post! Thanks for the jab. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hehe,im sure you would 😉

    Travelling is fun though, including the time spent in transit. Don’t get me started on the cuties we get to meet. 😉

    I dunno why y’all are scared of blind dates though… It’s so much fun!

    Thanks sylph… Hehe, you garrit! 😀

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