..hoes, we all need them, nevermind morality..

A hoe is indeed a farm tool, a useful one at that.. Whatever the situation and circumstance, we all always need things and people that are useful to us in various ways necessary. Take for example a hoe, an essential farm tool used for cultivation and harvesting among other things. HOE, what a name to give such a universally acclaimed tool.


It is no secret that we all want, infact, need a host of essentials. Trust me, no one wants to be with someone who in all ramifications has nothing to offer to the cause. It is safe to say that most of us, if not all of us, detest useless beings.

Recently, I’ve found myself pondering on why a HOE could literarily mean more than just a farm tool. Who exactly first thought of it as being anything but a farm tool? Agreed, it goes either way as a tool, something that is meant to be used. However, I still believe it as being a tool for the farm.

Hold on a minute, is farming more than cultivation on a piece of land? OMG! Does cultivation itself border on the concept of farm practices? Could farming mean more than working on a piece of land with the main purpose of harvesting?! Who else is thinking outside the box here??

Wheew! (*deep breathe*) Let me catch some air.. Consider this statement, ‘A hoe is a TOOL to be used.’ It reads and looks simple enough until the orthodox concept of farming is twisted or erased totally. Now, it becomes incomprehensible or otherwise complicated.

Anyways, whichever way you choose to see, read or think a hoe is or meant to be, it is generally acceptable that a hoe is a tool to be used for a favourable or shall i say pleasurable outcome or better still, harvest.

Just as everything else, a hoe at the end of the day gets worn-out. What then happens next? Well, a hoe gets thrown out immediately it has irreversibly served its utilitarian purpose in favour of new shiny ones. Afterall, new hoes are being produced everyday, irrespective of time and place, as price and value are not factors.

Conclusively, a hoe remains something (or probably someone) used in performing an operation or necessary in accomplishing a pleasurable (or otherwise) task. Wait a minute, my Merriam-Webster dictionary says it is a means to an end.

..at the end of the day, a hoe is still just a tool to be used and replaced.. 


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