It is so strange we havent met!

     I broke the ice some years back,
     and i havent seen your face physically,
     nor have i seen your bright eyes.

     I have heard your voice,
     a couple of times over the phone.
     I still havent had the honour of holding your hand,
     nor smell your aura.

     I havent had the chance to physically see your smile,
     even though i’ve heard you smile
     and gazed at your smiling still pictures.

     Dear stranger, it’s true we havent met,
     but wait,
     I feel like I’ve known you all my life.
     How that is possible still eludes my crude mind.

     I know seeing you in my dreams should suffice,
     I know I should be contented with that.
     And under normal circumstances, I usually am.
     This however is unusual, the urge persists.

     I dont know if this is mutual,
     I just have to tell you how I feel.
     Why and how we’ve not met is beyond me,
     and about time we did.

     I hope I’ll get to gaze at your soul through your eyes soon,
     Just as I hope to eventually understand what makes you tick.
     Soon I hope stranger, soon.



  1. One day, u’ll meet ur familiar stranger,
    One day, u’ll gaze at all u wonder,
    One day, it would get real,
    One day, it would be no more of a dream,
    Because One day, I looked into the crystal ball and I saw the both of you 🙂


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