I know you are happy,
     I know you’ve got all you need,
     or so it seems.

     Being the good, contented girl that you are,
     I know there is no enticing you,
     definitely not with materials,
     that I’m sure of.

     I know you are in love,
     I know you care about him,
     Lucky him!

     I know he calls you his girl,
     I’m guessing he says it is forever.

     Does he know how lucky he is?
     Good for him if he does know.
     He doesn’t?! Lucky me.

     I know you know this is for you,
     I need not spell out your initials.

     I know you know I adore you,
     you know I got only all my heart to give,
     I know you know that will suffice.

     The chances may look slim,
     but I know the ground is wet and slippery,
     for which I pray he slips out.
     I know that portrays me as a bad being,
     but I just cant help being selfish here.

     I know you complement me,
     I know I’m better with you,
     I’m just gonna wait.

     Gonna wait until you got all your heart to give,
     or until a stronger force whisks me away.

       Except this is as strong as the force gets..



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