..stop worrying about people who aren’t worried about you..

For some people, it is quite easy to discern the level of care and love they have or wanna have for us. It is generally easy to see through the auto-defence everyone activates nowadays. If you see them often and consistently, it is a matter of time before they start showing you how much they care consciously or otherwise.

It becomes hard when you dont get to see them as much as you should. Now, understanding their love for you or figuring out how much they care for you becomes all the more difficult. Yet, at a certain stage, after attaining a certain level of behavioural understanding, even listening to voices points you at certain directions.

For masters of disguise and coquettes, it is certainly more difficult figuring out what they really feel for you or if they even love and care about you at all. All these beg the questions, ‘are they even worrying about us? Are they thinking about us as much as we are thinking about them? Do they even care what happens to us?’ Now, if we are to stop worrying about people who aren’t worried about us, how exactly do we know they really aren’t worried about us?! How do we discern they dont really care??

There are distinctly different kinds of people and stereotypes. Some people are pretty open books. The type that lets you know every single detail about their lives and what they are feeling at every moment. If you are with this kind of people, you are in luck (it gets boring and intense though). They basically cant hide how much they care about you and ultimately, their love for you. They worry about you openly and you’ll never be kept in the dark. Hence, if and when things go south, you’ll be the first to know.

I’m sorry, but because some people know and understand that you basically would stop or try to stop worrying about them if and when you know they dont care about you, they therefore act it up. Others are just plain twisted at mind. They impetuously play with your feelings and obvious weakness or shall I say your urge or desire to be loved, cared for and worried about. What better way to control someone in the long run than to appear to play by their rules. Again, I’m sorry to jump into obvious conclusions but I believe it has become quite easy to play the game of love which just makes it all the more less intriguing.

We have met in the preceding two paragraphs those that cant naturally seem to hide their feelings and those who act it up. Up next are those who genuinely care about us but do not show it. Actually, I find this outrightly romantic (that is if you get to know at some point how much they’ve cared all along). However, it is one of the fundamentally dumb things to do. Why go through all the agony of burying a feeling when you can just let them know or timidly drop hints?! My current mood wont allow me to write anymore about this stereotype, but know I will be very livid if you miss your chance to voice or act your feelings.

I have successfully been unable to write about what actually prompted and propelled these array of eccentric thought, maybe I will be able to do justice to that in a sequel.

..only fools love with the sole aim of being loved in return..


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