..doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness..


Everyone has got the right to do whatever they so please, in as much as it is within the confines of the law. Most often, morality takes the back seat where human desires and wants are concerned. We are responsible for ourselves and we can thus freely explore as much as we so desire; isn’t that what freedom is all about?!

In the spirit of trying out new things and abolishing original or stale values, man has stumbled upon masochism. Now, my judgement here may be a little bit prejudicial, but yes, this is my humble opinion on the subject; freedom again is the key word here.

To some, especially those that are actively involved or sympathetic to the idea of BDSM and to those who have read the ‘fifty shades’ trilogy out of curiosity or just to pass the time, this might sound slightly naive.

Lets all keep a open mind here, is there really pleasure in being hurt or abused? What kind of people have a taste for suffering? All this sounds so eccentric and esoteric to me in the very least and I just cant seem to answer the question of what is really sexually pleasurable in being subjected to pain or humiliation especially by a love subject.

I often shy away from analysing or even passing judgement on subjects and stereotypes that I find difficult to understand and more especially on those that absolutely make no sense to me. I recently saw ‘the real fifty shades of Grey’ a piece on ‘E!’ documenting people that actually practice BDSM and I’m sorry but it came across as twisted to me really. The woman was happily talking about how much she enjoys her husband bruising her. Really?! Bruises?! I don’t follow!! It is obvious my African values are in effect here, but really, I would like to understand how tying down your partner and inflicting pain is in anyway sexual.

It makes you think, is this abuse or pleasure?? I’l go for the former everyday. This is certainly highlighted in the risks and deaths that have been recorded. Being submissive has also being documented as psychologically derailing. I believe in equality and that exactly is what being free is about. After all, there is no freedom unless we are equal.

Just like homosexuals, it is a documented fact that masochists are not always open about their ideals of sexuality. They are basically scared of what the world would think of them and how they would be perceived. Is this discrimination? It is such a grey patch!

..The African man is a real man with real African values..


4 thoughts on “MASOCHISM

  1. Masochism…Outrightly inhuman. Whatever diminishes one person’s humanity diminishes us all. What threaten’s one person’s freedom will eventually come for the rest.. We can only hope it doesn’t go global.


  2. Lol….. I love this piece….. I’m a strong believer in freedom to rights and I don’t judge. This includes any ones sexual preference! Oh yes I don’t and will never accept gayism and it likes. But Masochism hmmmmmm I av read the book 50 shades of grey and believe me I fell in love with S$M. Not totally tho but there is this kinky thing about it that you know makes me curious. There are rules to it all you don’t av permanent scars from watever activity u decide to go through and its all about two people agreeing to the terms. When the other party isn’t game on it, we can call that RAPE. But if they both are, oh damn,I’ll sure wanna read about a session ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol….. Don’t mind my long comment.I just got carried away.


    • Lolz.. boy, i was so waiting for ur response b.. it sounds kinky though, i’ve got to admit that until the risks kick us all back to earth ๐Ÿ˜œ.. and read about a session? Wow, i’m so glad I got ur comment ๐Ÿ˜‰..


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