..Things I thought I wanted aren’t so important anymore..


It is a no-brainer that the easiest and perhaps the quickest route to a man’s heart is through the mouth (or stomach as some would put it). I do not suppose any serious minded female is oblivious of this fact. Well, if in any unfathomable way someone out there doesn’t know that yet, this is another pointer!
I love food, actually, I love good food; who doesn’t?! In this light, it is extremely difficult for me not to respect and appreciate a lady who can dish out a very good meal. I cook quite averagely myself.

We are all different individuals and I’m sure there are a host of subjects that we will all always disagree on. Dishonesty I’m sure however, is not one of those subjects. Dishonesty to me stems from basic lies and misleading practices. Recently, I’ve had reasons to believe it also hints at low self esteem. Some of us don’t trust easily and it usually takes only one conscious (or otherwise) act of dishonesty to disinterest us. We can all agree it is distasteful and unforgettable to be mislead into believing that something is bigger or worth more than it really is. Seriously, who exactly do they think they are deceiving if not themselves?! The lessons to be learnt here is to always be proud of one’s little self and never appear to be larger than life. Sincerely, I wish I could take you to a deeper level of understanding on this particular thought but well…

Who else can consciously choose to forget past incidents?! Me neither!! Actually, I wish I could, like choose to forget stuffs, that would be so cool. Well, I was programmed to ‘choose to remember!‘ The difference? Well, say I had five conversations in a day, some people with a somewhat amazing ability can choose to erase any or all of the conversations because all five were automatically stored up in their subconscious (cool init?!). For me, the conversations don’t stay up there by default. It’s more like they are automatically erased the moment I move on from each one, except I choose to store them! So, I tend to remember stuffs I choose to or wanna remember, CRAZY!!

Over and over, we have been warned to despise the free lunch. Yeah, the lunch here doesn’t necessarily mean a meal (we’ve been warned to beware of free meals too anyways), it broadens out as services or probably gifts. What is given for free is dangerous, it mostly covers up a trick or a hidden agenda (forgive me for being so paranoid, I just don’t like being or feeling indebted). What is worth having they say is worth paying for IN FULL. You stay clear of deceit, gratitude and guilt (that I took pain to arrange those three alphabetically, doesn’t necessarily mean their order of appearance) when you pay for services rendered.

.. The cheapest things tend to be the ones you pay the most for..


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