I thought I could fix it
    Honestly, a part of me wanted to..

    I guess I really was tired of fixing things
    Or maybe I just wanted you to..

    I’m sure you’ve always thought things were fine
    They were fine really
    But I can’t just keep getting by..

    Truth is, I’ve always had a different face
    Consistently gracing my dreams
    Now I guess you know nothing is always as it seems..

    We were broken, not bent
    Even a bend in this case cant be straightened..

    I’m sorry you cant count on me no more
    It really isn’t your fault..

    You are sweet enough for anyone
    All this tenderness really just bores me..

    I really meant to love you
    But I’m sorry it’s this way..

    I made no promises, so don’t be heartbroken!


    Something in me is frozen
    but I’m dragging it along
    Hoping the ice will break off and allow life, still..


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