In the middle of a fascinating conversation in a somewhat eccentric tone, he asked;
           “Do you even have male friends?!”

Although puzzled by this sudden question, I simply smiled (and by that I meant a 3secs laughter) and replied;
           “Hehe, of course I do.”

With a certain defiance in his looks and tone, he pursued;
           “I rarely see guys come around to visit you except…”

Then he made this crazy face, propelling me into an uncontrollable burst of laughter.
Simmering down, I realised I was all too familiar with that kind of query and at that point, it surprises me no more.    
           “I do have guys, good guys (strike that), actually, real ones, the type I would go broke for. I just keep the number to the lowest number possible!”

That was the unapologetic reply I gave and that inevitably wrapped up the questioning for that insane day.
Recently, I have had to sacrifice valuable study time for tutelage on invaluable life lessons. It is amazing how a couple of days can make so much difference.

Half-bread they say is always better than none and a bird at hand will always be worth hundreds in the wild. I am in no position to refute or discredit these claims. After all, we’ve been led to believe in their authenticity and sanity all our lives.

Having said this, have you ever spared a thought on whether some halves are not worth having? It had been said that ‘what is worth doing at all, is worth doing well’ which could only mean that ‘what is not worth doing anyway, is unworthy of the effort!’

If half-bread is better than none, has anybody ever stopped to consider what if the half-bread is spoilt?! Isn’t a decomposing or decomposed bread tantamount to none?? That I have to believe depends on the consumer’s taste.


All these led to an idea which I tremble to accept it’s inevitable validity. What if a half-bread is (sometimes maybe) not better than none? What if NONE is better and beneficial than a half-bread?!

Hunger?! Yes, what if starvation sets in?! Never mind, fasting doesn’t necessarily kill and it is a documented and decorated fact that you can go on for an appreciable number of days without food, living on water. Water comes for free or next to nothing in most locales anyways.

..if you would go at all, GO HARD! If you want to go hard, go for WORTHY TARGETS!!


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