goddess or doormat?!

..there are only two types of women; the goddesses and the doormats..

Ladies are either priceless or worthless. I know it is a very sharp contrast but in my opinion, there is no sitting on the fence. You are either one or the other! Funny enough, young girls are always also tending to be either goddesses or doormats.

Forget about queens, goddesses are worshiped, admired and their great charm arouses adoration. They are enchantresses, closely angelic and their presence is so not mundane. Have you ever found a goddess in a lady? Have you found yourself in the presence of someone supernaturally awesome?! These are the type of ladies guys pull all the stops for. They are the ones we are willing to give all our time and attention. Beauty here is even a bonus because they tick all the right boxes and are stuffs dreams are made of.

Iris, Eris, Aphrodite, Athena, to mention a few are epitomes of immeasurable strength, independence and grace. They were the paradigms of feminity. In ancient mythology, they were everything every female aspires to be.


My definition of priceless borders on genuine self-esteem. The concept of self-confidence, self-actualization and high self-esteem cannot be over-emphasized. I still maintain, for anyone to be worth their weight in gold, they’ve gotta have a high amount of those three aforementioned traits.

Everyone slip out of their shoes on them, we all rub off dirts from our feet and shoes on them and just like hoes, we change them when they are old and worn. We never really find time to clean (or take care) of them. It is no rocket science and yes you guessed right, these are the doormats. They are quite analogous to waste-bins. To accept any and everything that is thrown your way or crosses your path makes you as useful as the doormat. Yes, you provide warmth on some cold ‘come-over’ nights but no one really ever values you. It hurts that anyone can be this useful and hitherto so worthless.

I’m starting to think that being a doormat is so cheap and easy that every one is tending (or tends) towards it. Imagine having to set high standards and actually living in such impeccable heights as a goddess. Wheew, that is so hard! Anyways, it takes relatively equal amount of inputs, energy and doings to be either; except only to opposite ends. Forget circumstance, it is a conscious decision to be either a goddess or a doormat. ‘Choice‘ I so much love that word.
It is always obvious what kind of woman you are or tending towards though, it is always there for all to see.

..the choice is yours, either to be a queen or a dog..


3 thoughts on “goddess or doormat?!

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