..All our young lives,
we search for someone to love,
Someone who makes us complete.
We choose partners and change partners.
We dance to the song of heartbreak and hope,
All the while wondering,
If there is someone perfect,
Who might be searching for us..

I strongly believe in chemistry and sparks. More so when these points are struck on the first encounter. In this part of the world, it seems only so natural for a guy to evoke and pursue love and affection, it sounds masculine too.

I appreciate uniqueness and I have a strong respect for people who go out of their ways to act and think away from the crowd and certain laid-down or conventional rules. I believe love is a two-way thing and either sex can make the first move.

Love at first sight is beautiful, it has however become a cliche and is readily abused. Deep rooted feelings are based on careful evaluation of the subject of interest over a stretch of time. I do not mean feigning friendship, but a candid show of desire and yet a measured withdrawal to the background.

You would normally expect a guy to chase and a girl chased.  Now what happens when the case is reversed? What happens when the girl chases, out of genuine love, respect and affection? To me, it is the ultimate show of courage and strength. If she is taking this first bold step, then she deserves respect. More so, it shows that she knows what she wants and she is willing to go the extra miles for it. For a lady to honestly ask for a guy’s heart out of genuine love invokes indescribable emotions and it is stuffs a masculine dream is made of.

As with all proposals, irrespective of who is making them, acceptance is by will. Yet, irrespective of what response a lady gets, she will always be a quintessence of courage and an epitome of strength (how anyone would turn down a flowered damsel is beyond me, except their heart is occupied by someone utterly special).

Should you be dejected if you don’t get him? Should you not go again if your heart leads you onto someone else?? NO & NO!! Just make sure he is worth it.

I will forever respect that effort..


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