They wake up each day in agony,
“Will we ever return home?!”
“Will we ever see our parents again?!”
“Really, this cannot be our fate!”


As hard as I tried,
I and indeed us all,
Cant begin to understand their melancholy,
Or rationalize their ordeal.

Their families have it worst,
Will their girls return and wholly?
Will things ever be the same again?!

What exactly does the future holds,
As hundreds of our girls were forcefully plunged away?!
Isn’t it a shame,
That a nation dubbed ‘the giant of Africa’
Is embattled by fanatical insurgency?!

Isn’t it debasing,
That a nation that prides itself,
At sending troops for peacekeeping elsewhere,
Can’t even keep her homeland secured?!

I know there are many forces in play here,
God, please just #BringBackOurGirls,
The presidency and the impotent army are incompetent.


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