Love is not a bed of roses,
    It has challenging twists and turns;
    It is not all sweet and fun,
    It has its occasional sourness too.
    But, for the right one, it is all worth it!


    Love isn’t jealous,
    It isn’t overly possessive either.
    Love does not stay mad,
    It doesn’t hold onto altercations or wrongdoings,
    And love doesn’t dwell on the past.

    Love is not hideous,
    It doesn’t keep secrets.

    Love is not lust,
    It doesn’t border on the obvious alone.
    Love is not shallow,
    It is not rooted on the surface.

    Love is not all about the present,
    It keeps the future in plain view.

    Love is not selfish,
    Neither is it egocentric.

    Love is not ‘me’ and ‘You’,
    It transcends individuality.


4 thoughts on “WHAT LOVE ISN’T

  1. To properly define something, you must not only understand what it is, but also what it isn’t. This, you have done quite remarkably. Well done. 🙂


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