I met a redhead,
    She has this amazingly pointed nose,
    With a fair and perfectly toned skin.

    There was something about her eyes,
    Blue, with an intriguing gaze;
    The type that see through the obscure and opaque.

    Her smile?
    The very quintessence of brightness.

    I thought she was with someone,
    ‘Cos everytime I stole a gaze at her,
    This particular dude eyed me.

    I told her how lucky he must be,
    She smiled, thanked me,
    for the compliments,
    And politely told me she came alone.
    How excited I was, to be wrong.

    I told her of my love for the colour red,
    And how strong and bold
    The exotic hair colour make her.

    I also said something
    About fiery and fairies,
    And I woke up,
    From an amazing dream.



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