Of course some nuts are worth the crack,
    The singular reason we have a ‘nut-cracker’.
    No matter how hard or difficult they are to crack,
    We are always willing to go all out,
    And maybe out of our ways.

    It may be for the juice,
    Or probably the shaft;
    Some seeds are of value too.
    Irrespective of the ‘why’,
    Some fruits are worth the squeeze.


    The hardest part however, is knowing which!
    Which fruit or nut  is worth the effort?!
    ‘Cos believe me, time and energy are always expended.

    Size and attractiveness may not matter.
    What’s the point of being big and ripe,
    If they yield less to no juice?!
    Or small and ripe, still with not enough juice.
    They could be of any size and still be sour,
    Or fully ripe and fully bugged too,
    All rotten on the inside.
    Yet, they could be small and rough,
    And still immortalize the taste buds.

    These things could be hard,
    But it is not rocket science,
    It could be fathomed.

    Your choice in taste matters,
    As only you can figure out which fruit
    Suits your taste best;
    And is equally worth the squeeze.

    Do enjoy it, while it lasts..


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