And my appetite has chosen today,
    Of all days, to spite me.
    All i have is this smell,
    A somewhat strange smell of guava;
    How is that even possible?!

    Being the kinda being that I am,
    I detest undefined feelings.
    I hate being in a position
    Where I cant really define the situation.

    My nights are sleepless,
    And the days, restless at the very least!
    Again, I find myself in the shadows,
    Of the mysterious.


    Maybe what the little bird said was true,
    Maybe I don’t know what I’m doing.
    ‘Cos even though this lane is ever so familiar,
    The walk is all too different and strange.

    And this time around,
    I’m driven by a different kind of force.
    An unknown and eccentric force at that,
    One that transcends needs and desires.

    An ethereal feeling maybe,
    One that will stand the test of time.
    And meant to be, against all odds,
    By fate.

    There is no anxiety whatsoever,
    And strangely too.

    And I’m stung back to life,
    From my soothing, ephemeral mental voyage;
    By the physicality of my sourness.


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