Happy fathers’ day to all the real dads, fathers and potential fathers out there. Also, to everyone out there withdrawing at high intensities and frequencies, well, you too.

I think today should be daddies’ day actually. Anyone can be a father, even those that do not deserve to be and I think it is unfair on the real dads that we are putting every child bearer into the same category.

For me, today has brought up the ever intriguing debate of when life starts exactly- at conception or at birth? We could argue all day long but I am of the opinion that life tentatively begins at conception. Hence, every tiny little spermatozoan is a potential life-bringer and ‘coitus interruptus’ could as well be murder.

Moving right on, I saw the movie ‘Inception’ some time ago and the idea of having something (the kick) to bring the dreamers back from their dreams was lost to me. I understood that maybe there was a need for something to trigger wakefulness but couldn’t figure it out still.

Well, not until I had this dream last night where I was obviously scolding ‘my sister’ (a character played by a girl I never talk to in school). In the act, I kept hearing this sound which grew louder by the minute. It was more like a continuous ‘beep’ and found myself seeking the annoying sound. More aptly, I was searching for what was making that hell of a noise.

That search brought me back to reality and the realisation that it had been my fan making its round all along. 😀



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