While a real kiss is expensive and a good kiss is very expensive, a really good kiss is invaluable..

It is never always about the kiss itself, real kisses transcend physicality and being incorporated into any kind of ‘play’ (depending on exactly what you’re kissing though).

A real ‘lip kiss’ wallows in passion, desires of the individuals, the occasion and the timing. You DON’T have to be a ‘cunning linguist’ or a ‘killer kisser’ to enjoy a memorable kiss. Who cares if you are not so good at kissing or maybe you are not even sure of yourself? Generally, no one cares if you are a passive kisser either. You just need to have a reason and be lost in the moment.

A real kiss is passionate. It most often invokes uncontrollable bursts of heart warming emotions. This ain’t no quickie and might not even be good enough. It is more ethereal than heart stopping. You most of all, just enjoy the feeling and satisfaction it brings; more like wishes coming true (more fairytale than mundane).

For a real kiss, timing is everything. The trick here, is knowing when to and how not to hold back. Yet, as always, you should know when to end it too.

Ironically, a good kiss borders on spontaneity; the ‘element of surprise’ is paramount. Good kisses are short and sharp. They are enjoyed without reason, you just do it. It is more difficult because it has to transcend mediocrity; it has to be unforgettable and ‘the best they ever had’. The length is never important, you should only care about taking their breathes and quickening their pulse.

Like most pleasurable activities, kissing, irrespective of the standard, must be enjoyed. The satisfaction- emotional and physical, to be derived from kissing is paramount and fundamental. There is no point enduring a lip kiss.

Now, if you are caught in-between having a ‘real kiss’ or a ‘good kiss’, try a ‘real-ly-good’ kiss for size. It’s more like ‘lip-raping’ except that it is unforgettably awesome..



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