Dear fiery little bird,
     I admit, you scare me.
     Not for all your ferociousness,
     Rather for your esoteric unpredictability.

     You could be a hummingbird,
     Rising with my dawn;
     Or the nightingale,
     Gracing my dusks.

     Colourful, radiant and bright;
     Transcending the peacock,
     I confess, I’m in awe of your grace.

     For such a little bird as yourself,
     Your wings catch the eye.
     Frail but strong and wilful,
     Carrying your little self to
     Unimaginable heights.

     A bird like you,
     With all the beautiful adornments,
     And one who isn’t afraid to fly alone
     Cannot be kept restrained;
     But rather left unhindered
     To sail the clouds.

     A willing guardian I am then.


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