Life is made up of
    The good and the bad.
    On average,
    We are all dealt equal hands.

    Sometimes we feel lost,
    Other times,
    We are right where we want to be.

    When the roses are budding,
    And the colourful beds are set,
    Enjoy, live, and DON’T hold back.

    When the stormy days arrive,
    And believe me they often show up,
    Especially when least expected;
    Endure, live and pray.

    Both times are tests,
    Ethereal and mundane.
    Your strength, courage and resolve
    Are all strained.
    And most importantly,
    Your beliefs and faith
    Are put to arduous tests.

    Only fools would anticipate
    And pray for the good times alone,
    And not lend a thought or two
    To the possibility of ravaging thunderstorms.

    The wise ones do not shed
    Too much hot, weary tears
    During the inevitable bad times.
    They save enough ‘tears of joy’
    For the impending good days.

    Cherish both times,
    And don’t ever wallow in either.
    They most definitely define and make you.



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