Someone once said to me,

    “You see life through a flowery gaze.”

    Maybe she was right,
    Maybe it isn’t about optimism.
    Could quite rightly be about
    Not being hurt hard enough.

    Back then, I tried to play it down.
    We choose to see things however we want,
    Fate, and ultimately “que cera cera”.

    However, awake in the dead of the night,
    As is the ritual nowadays,
    I realised I haven’t had to see life
    Through any other gaze.

    My views have not been clouded or veiled,
    By tears, pain or dejection;
    And for that, I’m infinitely grateful
    To the supreme being.

    Indeed, I have not been tried,
    Anywhere above my mental tolerance
    And physical capacity.

    Thinking about it,
    I’m ashamed I’ve often complained
    Of not having enough “materials”.

    When the peace, good health, joy and love
    I have been blessed with are more
    Than I possibly deserved,
    Much more than money can buy!

*Inspired by a nurse on a night shift.



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