FISHING (Introduction)

     The ocean is vast, the ocean is blue.
     The ocean is wet, the ocean is best,
     For fishing that is.
     There are many fishes in the ocean,
     But not much to sea.

Over the years, I’ve devoured consumed quite a number of fishes. Some have been so worth the exorbitant prices I paid, while I’ve been pretty ripped-off on some others. Big,  small,  skinny,  oil-ladened or bony, I have a knack for enjoying my fish cooked and peppered. As a biochemist, I know better than to fry my fish or spend on “sooted” ones. Obviously, I’ve not been to the lake to fish ever before nor do I know how to use a hook for that matter.

Metaphorically however, I can count the “fishes” I’ve really caught till date on two hands. I have intentionally written “really” because some don’t even count; more like tadpoles you might say (or whichever one of the amphibians is edible).

More often than not,  we’ve come across the phrase (as I again did earlier today) “many fishes in the ocean” or more aptly,  we’ve also mentioned it a couple of times. Yes,  there are indeed numerous fishes and other creatures out there in the pond,  lake, river, sea or ocean; depending on which level of water bodies you do your fishing. Either ways, there are enough fishes to go round and quite honestly, more than each “fisherman” absolutely needs.


… if there are still so many fishes in the ocean, then what are you waiting for?! Get up and go fishing!

I am not even going to write about why we fish in different waters or why our catches are substantially different. Neither will I talk about our self-esteem and “settling” when fishing,  on this piece. However,  I am willing to share the hideous fact that the “choice of bait” does matters and the tools you choose, or perhaps available to you, goes a long way in determining the types of fish you’ll end up with. While some are fishing in rivers, with the traditional hook and line, some others are braving the seas with large draw-nets. Well, capacities and abilities differ.

You would be forgiven for thinking that I’m here to talk about ocean fishes. Seriously? You harboured that thought too?! That is so small league brethren. Fishes are for rivers, lakes, seas and fishermen who settle for the everyday cat fishes,  mackerels or salmons (irrespective of the size). When I say oceans,  I’m talking big leagues fellas,  I’m talking about “ocean mammals“.


4 thoughts on “FISHING (Introduction)

  1. LOL. Metaphor well de-metaphorised sir. 🙂

    Somewhere along the line the spirits of the fishes already eaten told me I should forget about the likes of typical titus/catfish/mackerel but rather think about the species of fishes that use lip gloss, wear skirts and rock high heels.

    For real, I’m looking forward to catching a very satisfying fish that will be wonderful enough as to make me savour ‘it’ for the rest of my life. In my personal urban dictionary, wonderful means bijou (not fat/oil-ladened), good-natured (unlike the carnivorous piranha), etc etc. Oh! I almost forgot, a wonderful fish should also have all the shapes and structures of a typical curvy fish (yes, some fishes are that detailed). I know my hook will pick it eventually, but I won’t mind you helping (considering your expertise now) with the best kinda bait. *winks*

    The analogy is on point. Nice one! I wonder where you studied pisciculture and when you became an experienced fisherman though. *smiles*


    • Lolz, I’m totally blown away by this comment man. I’m sure you know I had the best intentions in mind on this piece :D. And don’t I just love your detailed description of what you are fishing for?! That’s step1 right there papi- TARGET! And you’ll have to wait till for the 3rd issue of this series to get the full gist ;). My mind didn’t even for once open itself to the idea of piranhas, only sharks! Hehe… And about the “bait”, man, you are the full package, believe me! The funny thing about “testing new waters” is that you unconsciously find yourself surfing numerous waves and you’ll be surprised at how many “dolphins” swim ashore in these waves. 😉


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