FISHING TOO (Marine Mammals In Focus)

“…We love sushi and we are not even Japanese.”

Fishing is fun, especially when the fish proves ‘hard to catch’. Don’t get me wrong, it could be undeniably frustrating; and yes, that’s the whole point. After all,  only small fishes come to the surface for ‘worms’; really worthy fishes majestically scout the sea beds, feeding on other fishes. It is no secret that the real ‘fishermen’ are not interested in ‘worm-eating’ fishes,  they set their sight on the elusive and exclusive ‘fish-eaters’.

The question here is- “What caliber of fisherman are you?!” And essentially, “What type of fish do you set out for?”

When people go on about how there are indeed many fishes in the ocean, it hits me as mediocre sometimes. Especially when it is because they have just failed to catch a fish or lost the ever evolving battle to keep one rightly grounded in their aquarium.

There comes a time when we have to move out of our comfort zones and test new waters- that age when we finally decide to take our fishing a notch further. Indeed there are ‘too many’ fishes in the ocean,  so why settle for less or just any fish? It is safe to say that the type of fish you set out to catch or that already in your aquarium describes your personality and mentality.

“…If you were a fish,  you would be choosy too.”

It is no secret that there are indeed more than just fishes in the ocean. There are ferocious ‘fish-eating’ and amiable mammals in the deep-blue seas too. This is the big-leagues ladies and gentlemen, only for the brave and lion-hearted.


Again, you might be forgiven for thinking that it would be extremely hard to catch a marine mammal. Hehe, think again! Honestly, there are indeed amiable,  ‘easy-to-catch’ mammals in the belly of the ocean. However, this doesn’t make them ‘cheap’ or ‘easy to come by’ by any means. Come to think of it,  these mammals are HUGE.



The real question here is- “Can you handle a ocean mammal?!”

About the ferocious ones, all teeth-blazing and all; well… And yeah,  there are huge turtles, penguins and seals out there (oh wait!  Periwinkles too really); that’s if you are into that kind of seafood.


P.S: I’m sorry I’ve been all about the fishermen, pay no attention to my obvious bias (I’m not a sexist or something). Kindly ‘find and replace’ all unsuitable entries with ‘fishmonger’. Happy now?  Cool.

Another quick question- “What kind of fish are you? “

Oh! Fishling? Ok, “What kind of fish do you intend to be?”


4 thoughts on “FISHING TOO (Marine Mammals In Focus)

  1. Reading this, the “there are many fishes in the river” saying reiterates. For a fisherman whose objectives are to catch and chop (I prefer ‘chop’ to ‘eat’ in this matter 🙂 ), going through the rigour of reeling in the set-est and sexiest best giant sea mammal isn’t so necessary (though a few like quality and quantity combined) since he’ll still go back and catch more. He prefers to catch 80 different mediocre fishes and feel 80 different tastes.

    However, for someone who would love to have a one-time catch and keep the sweet fish in his aquarium (your word 🙂 ), catching the crème de la crème of fishes is important.

    Same applies to many fisherwomen; the real McCoys—fishers of men! (Lord forgive me… and the writer too) Note here, I have no disrespect for anyone’s vocation. In fact, I was told fishing is titillating lucrative.

    Dear marinologist cum piscologist, tell us more! Anticipating the next fishy piece. 🙂


    • Lolz. I am fascinated at how much scoop of this you get Senor Joe. You are so right about the ’80-fishes-80-tastes’ analogy though, fishermen like us (You and I!) always set out for the ‘creme de la creme’ (in your words) 😀 . Man, you gotta love the real ‘fishers of men’ I mean, OK, nevermind. Again as always, wonderful contribution boss. #bless


  2. …hmm.. And some fisherman will push there fellow to catch his fish…
    And some fish will eat other fishes to get caught by a specific fisherman….

    Kewl writeup… I admire dt u can keep d fish thing going straight without going crazy…#nyc.


    • Hmm Sheedart, let’s just pretend all that pushing, catching and eating is cool, shall we? 😀 Life itself aint fair and all these just makes life the more fun. Thanks for conributing miss and you can’t imagine how ‘crazy’ it really is! 😉


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