Fishing is easy, if you are up to it,
     Tis also quite simple, if you are versed.
     Anyone can set out to fish,
     Equipped with the right and basic tools.
     It is like a stairwell,
     You have to start from the bottom
     And make your way up;
     Progressively speaking that is.

In the words of the ‘famous chef’ Auguste Gusteau, “Anybody can cook, but only the fearless can be great.” It is therefore not surprising that these words inspired a rat to transcend mediocrity and worthlessness to attain ‘humanity’ and human comparison. It accomplished a feat many humans have failed in, from time and memorial- ‘cooking’.


A rat that cooks? Now, just as no one expects Remy to create food (and rightly so too, as his ancestors have been known from medieval times to consume and devour). He never really stopped at just cooking, he often braved the ‘untested and scary’ waters; so much so that he wowed the ‘infamous food-critic’ Anton Ego, with his meals, most especially ‘ratatouille’.

If a rat (and I say that with a high condescending tone) can step out of the shadows of failure and goes on to rival his idol and mentor as the ‘greatest chef in history’, then, any prey, be it a cat, grizzly bear or man, can set a sail, sail on any water (stormy or tranquil) and ‘catch fishes’.

Ultimately, anyone can transcend the mediocrity of ‘settling’ or move out of their ‘comfort waters’ and brave the right and required waters (be it small or vast) for their ‘golden catch’.


“…Satisfaction always betters quality and quantity”

Faced with the decision to either catch a fish or carry home a marine mammal, which would you rather choose? It all starts with five major and basic questions-

1.     Why do I want to fish?
2.     What do I want to fish?
3.     Where do I want to fish?
4.     When do I want to fish?
5.     For how long do I want to fish?

“…seeing comes before wanting.”

The real fishmongers, who sport for valuable fishes/mammals (as against pleasure-fishes) never go fishing without having five answers to these questions.

Even though you might not totally fail in your quest otherwise, you would be treading on mediocre waters and bound to settle for just any catch at the end of the day (as consistent with pleasure and leisure hunters). On days like this, mother-nature has a way of showing off her ‘b*tchy’ side, filling the waters with ‘piranhas and sharks’ or more leniently, tadpoles.


3 thoughts on “FISHING TREE (101)

  1. Being a Remy isn’t an easy feat; such determination for excellence. Determination and consideration of the questions really would help for they reduce the chances of failure and force the b*tch to smile, often times.

    Really, transcending mediocrity is risky too. It entails testing huge waters and a large fish biodiversity—teemed with the good, bad and ugly of course. Ironically, some fishes are known for pulling in the fisher and then making him (or her) a meal for themselves or for much larger/fiercer fishes. A typical “hunter hunted” scenario. However, the answers to the five (5) would determine and justify the risk(s) over time.

    Dear fish enthusiast and writer, well done with your fishy metaphor. *smiles*


    • Yeah bro, ‘determination’! I was hoping that word would remain ‘undercover’ until the next post but… You never fail to hit the nail on the hard head bro, not that I’m surprised ;). And about the water bodies, my aim is to encourage ‘neonates’ to start small. For the sake of a ‘humble beginning’, a small surface of water will do. And eventually when anyone sails the stormy seas, they shouldn’t forget the possibility of your point- ‘hunter hunted!’ Thanks man. Much appreciated.


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