What is/are your favourite fruit(s)?! Hold that thought.

The Supreme Being has so much blessed mankind with wonderful and amazing varieties of fruits; yes, MANkind has been indeed lucky. Simple/aggregate, soft/hard, edible (in the raw state)/otherwise, sweet/sour, there are innumerable options and fruits to choose from; irrespective of the sizes.

A very huge ta also goes to all the FARMERS from ages past, for having the presence of mind, energy and perseverance to plant and propagate these wonderful seeds in arid and virgin or ashed and artificially fertilized lands. Weeding and nurturing the germinating seeds at nursery is no easy feat. The farmer works obviously beyond the birth of the tree; through the flowering months, until it starts bringing forth fruits- fruits so eager to be plucked.

“We are defined by our choices.”

Actually, you’ve got to love BIG fruits- water melon, pawpaw, pumpkin and the likes (I think there is always something common to these big fruits actually- seeds, loads of seeds. This only means that you are liable to propagate. Cool right?).

Brightly coloured, ubiquitous and everyday fruits are interesting, more so when they come at ‘not-so-steep’ prices. Ubiquitous enough for everyone to have a taste, brightly coloured to warrant ‘sticks and stones’ (yes, beauty hurts) and well, they are everyday fruits; enough said. Oranges, catch-chew, and oh mangoes! (wheew, imagine having to deal with flies *yucks*).

There is something naughty about bananas. Could it be the ‘P’ and ‘K’ they have aplenty? Well, you’ve got to love them though, sweet and long at the very least. In the same vein, there has always been something mysteriously sexy and stylish about pineapples. Hmmm, ‘diced pineapples’, cubes of juice-dripping, mouth-watering sweetness.

It is well documented that we all are not chilling in Eden right now because the first man ate a certain apple. OK, how about we consider something quite close to home and recall, a certain ‘head of state’ met his doom through a poisoned apple. OK! I think there is a pattern here. Personally, I LOVE apples; (should I be scared?!) Now, it is not just any apple folks, I’m talking about the big, fleshy, succulent and eye-catching red ones. The type brightly coloured butterflies swirl around in the orchid.


Some of us have this penchant for mysteriously exotic and exclusive fruits. The fact that we have numerous choices, certainly based on locales though (more reason why travelling is one of the very essential things to do before 25), means every man most often ends up with a particular kind of fruit at a particular season.

Anyways, we all love fruits, we just inevitably have different tastes and wants. Yes, there is this little issue of  ‘dehiscent and indehiscent’ fruits. Well, mind over matter folks; but don’t you just love fruits that “do not burst open at maturity?!”


4 thoughts on “FRUITS

  1. Ahahahahahahaha! I’m laughing so loud over this. Dude! You’re something else. . . and your metaphorically fruity thought process. LOL

    I like firm fruits, sweet (of course), attractive (not as bright as the red apple though). . . fruits that don’t fall off just hastily from trees when ripe or that can’t withstand long-term storage (future matters). I like green mangoes with sweet solid yellow mesocarp. I’ll as well go for a moderate green apple anytime; hopefully I won’t end up like a certain head of state. That prayer is for you too. *smiles*



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