A very big shout out to all my nevi-ladened cuties out there; I cannot overemphasize my love for you all. I’m not surprised at the knowledge that most of the cute ladies I know have moles conspicuously placed where I can “admire” them (PS: Sir Joe, consciously gazing is different from ogling, in my case that is πŸ˜‰ )and some hideously sexy nevi that one has to seek and uncover oneself. Some are on “warm” routes and plains, while others are on succulent, still warm ridges.

Wheew, exploring a human body is super awesome and rewarding! Bottom line, I love my moles, and my mole-bearers love me. Believe me when I say it is an official criteria, being an “archetypical” (SIR JOE!!) nevisexual and all. Still, I won’t want anyone to go artificial on me though. Don’t try to mark your skin with some dark pencil, I’l know! I tend to kiss moles often!! *rotfl*

Telomeres are specialized DNA-protein complexes that cap the end of eukaryotic chromosomes and are essential for
maintaining genome stability and integrity (Bataille et al., 2007) . Shortening of telomeres occurs naturally with successive divisions in somatic cells, whereas in the germ-line and most cancer cells, high telomerase activity allows cells to maintain long telomeres and avoid senescence (Jacobs et al., 2004). Individuals with longer telomeres express a delayed cell senescence that is reflected in the skin by increased nevus size and numbers. It is therefore possible that longer telomere length delays senescence in keratinocytes and fibroblasts so patients with higher nevus counts may display less photoaging (Bataille et al., 2007).



Arms: Moles on the arms indicate that the person is polite, diligent and will lead a happy married life.

Breast: A mole on the right breast is indicative of laziness, which may affect family life. A mole on the left breast belongs to active and energetic people, who generally get what they want in life.

Cheek: A mole on either cheek indicates a serious and studious person who has no interest in material pleasures.

Chin: A mole on either side of the chin is indicative of people who are affectionate and caring. These people adapt easily to any situation.

Ear: People who are born with a mole on their ear are generally considered lucky.

Elbow: People who have moles on their elbow love to travel. They are adventurous and spirited.

Eye: If the mole is located on the outer corner of the eye, this indicates that the person is honest, reliable and forthright.

Eyebrow: If a mole is located on the right eyebrow, it signifies that these people will have a highly active life and will be successful in all ventures.

Finger: People who have a mole on any finger turn out to be dishonest and tend to grossly exaggerate.

Foot: People with a mole on their foot are easy going and laid back. They need to exercise to stay healthy.

Forehead: People who have a mole on their forehead will be prosperous and well settled in life.

Hand: Those people who have a mole on their hand are talented and make a success of their lives.

Heel: People who possess a mole on their heel make enemies easily and are prone to losing friends.

Hip: A mole on any part of the hip except the buttocks signifies that these people are contented, resilient and spirited.

Knee: If you have a mole on your right knee, it implies that you are a friendly person. A mole on the left knee signifies that these people lead an extravagant lifestyle.

Lips: People with a mole on their lips always aspire to get ahead in life.

Naval: A man who has a mole on his navel will be lucky in life and a woman who has the same desires children.

Neck: If the mole is on the front of the neck, it signifies unexpected good fortune. If it is on either side of the neck, it indicates an unreasonable temperament. A mole on the back of the neck indicates a person’s desire to lead a simple life.

Nipple: If a man has a mole on his nipple, it indicates a fickle nature. If a woman has a mole on her nipple, it indicates that she is striving for social status.

Nose: A mole on the nose belongs to a person who will be a sincere friend and a hard- working individual.

Shoulder: A mole on the right shoulder indicates a sensible, industrious individual.

Wrist: A mole on the wrist indicates that the person is frugal, ingenious and dependable.

Ah-hem, where are your moles located??


2 thoughts on “BEING A NEVISEXUAL II

  1. LOL. As if “gazing” isn’t a thick word already, “consciously” added weight. If the various metaphors in quote won’t attest to your claim, your tendency to kiss the mole definitely has. *smiles*

    As a telomere scholar and nevus specialist that you are, your location interpretation (which I think should be referenced with your name as you did Bataille) is something else! Mole on the n*pple ministered to me, in a way I don’t even understand. *rme* Isn’t that kinda like a mole on a super mole? Just curious. Thank God you didn’t feature the much hidden/sacred places.

    I’ve got no mole, but now I’m gon’ unwittingly notice ma’ams with great yearn for social status. *winks*


    • Lolz. I can’t stop laughing here man, like seriously! *rotfl* You know, I love my moles; I’m sure you can understand the kissing. And about the ‘super mole’… Ok, nevermind. I just hope I’m keeping all these posts on a PG level. Notice away boss πŸ˜‰ and btw, I’ve got loads!!


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