“…Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.”

Are you ready for your first foray into the waters, or are you ready to start doing things rightly? It’s high time you brought your A-game fishmongers, right from the very start. It doesn’t matter who or what you are, you are quite in control of WHAT YOU CATCH— the shinny brass, a skinny “shawa” or “the white whale.” Let’s get down to business!


…If we are what we eat, then I only wanna eat good, nourishing stuffs.”

In fishing tree, I introduced us to the five fundamental questions any fishmonger worth their salt must have custom answers to. Now, by popular demand, I’ll try to take you through these fundamentals.

I believe it is only sane and fair on ourselves to have a motive, a honest reason why we want to take on any particular task. Fishing is not different, especially if you detest mediocrity. You must have a tangible reason why you want to fish — for fun, for keeps or just for now. This keys your interest and maintains your focus. It drives you through while also keeping you in line and in check. Now, your reason for fishing also allows you to control your interest— is it still worth the chase? Why you want to fish is key, have a honest reason and stick to it; make no compromises.

What do you want to fish for? This goes a long way in your preparation— mental and physical. Identify your target, stick with it and work towards achieving your aim. Your target determines your choice of tools and it most definitely determines the water you’d be fishing in. Remember, always weigh your target against your ability; we all honestly know where we stand, fishing-wise. So, don’t go on an impossible mission; yet, never set yourself a low target. Aim big, focus and reach. See what you want, then strike!

Where do you want to fish? More importantly, WHERE IS YOUR TARGET FISH LOCATED? As I said earlier, your target determines your fishing location and your abilities determine both. Identify your goldfish and know its niche. Again, your choice of fishing location determines the kind of tools you’ll need and the required baits. Get the right tools and baits for the right water and you are on your way to acquiring your dream fish. However, finding the right location for your target fish could be tricky; choose wisely. Don’t go baiting sharks with worms!


Indeed, there is a time for everything. The time for big fishes and the time for small ones. The season of ferocious flesh-eating fishes and that of amiable dolphins. The fishing  time and season is very important. You know your target and you have identified its niche, next up is knowing the best time to fish for it. Wait for the appropriate time, never fish off-season! The right fish at the wrong time equates to failure and worse still, wasted efforts.

For how long do you intend to fish? Always have a time frame. Don’t keep yourself out in the cold for too long. Always know how much time you are willing to sacrifice on a fish. After all, there are numerous targets out there and competition is non-existent really. Believe me, there are many fishes of similar qualities (if not of exceeding qualities) in that same location! Don’t ever waste too much time on an elusive target. Be committed, try as hard as possible, but don’t ever dwell; move on!

In the big leagues, you set sights, smell out targets, post ears to the walls and set birds to the skies— you scout for suitable targets! Well, like I said, this is for the adept and able fishmongers.

…Fear has its own smell and fishes can sense it from miles away.”


2 thoughts on “FISHING FOR (102)

  1. Dearest fisherman, thanks for sharing with us from the wealth of your experience. Both in the line of actual fishing and the metaphorical fishing I’d say you’re most likely a legendary fisher, which is both good and bad (you know what it is *winks*)

    “Don’t go baiting sharks with worms!” That part I really like.


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