“Age is an issue of mind over matter— if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

A very long time ago, when “Depearl” was “Ipearl” and confidence was lacking, a number of insecurities were glaring. It is all so funny now actually, but back then, it was either bend or break!

It is quite ironic how some of us wished we were older in high school and now, we kinda wished we finished college earlier, at a much younger age. Pretty funny if you ask me.

There was this time in high school, when I had to open a bank account. I was sitted across this peng customer care service agent and she was sizing me up I suppose. She finally asked what my age was and I still remember feeling outrightly uncomfortable telling her. I’m sure she must have sensed my insecurity because she was like,
“Well, you can always ‘up’ it you know.”

Hehe, and “uped” I did.

Filling out official forms that required DOB especially in front, beside, or around young attendants were always daunting. You simply are and look too young to them if and when you fill in your real birth year and unimpressively, they often act accordingly belittling.

It is not even a decade yet and there I was, standing in front of this nurse, who was filling out a patient form, mine. After the usual protocol, she sniffed, then asked;
“You date of birth?!”

I stopped short of blinking or pausing before pelting it out. She looked up, as if to confirm my age, then returned her gaze to the unusually long admission form.

On to the next one, “student?!”
Here, I paused. “Uhmm, no!” I replied.

Now, with ears up and eyes twitched, she looked up and held her gaze at me. Then, after justifying her unknown apprehension, she pursued;
“Where do you work?!”

Adjusting my BCH class ’13 blazer, I replied, assertively; “I am a graduate and I’ve still the NYSC program coming up soon!”

Now she smiled, and said; “You are still a student dear.”

Right there, I wished I was younger. I wished I was in my late teens or twenty. It would have been more awesome arguing with her on this particular subject as a “20-year old graduate.” She would have perhaps blown me a kiss or something. 😀

Anyway, for me, only two things beat our ages— maturity and experience! These two speak volume where your age keeps you muted. Confidence also helps you on the way. So, don’t even feel inferior because of your age. However, maintain your humility while asserting your maturity. Except only when you are lacking in these qualities, then, it is safer to be quiet when the “big boys” talk. 😐


I’m still quite younger than my age suggests though (vampire genes). I guess I have all these moles to thank, after the Creator obviously. 😉

… Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.”


2 thoughts on “MIND OVER MATTER

  1. Age is sometimes overrated. It gets so bad these days that one is not totally sure which is better; being younger than the rest, or older than the rest. Because either way, people always have something to say, and always have a way of linking your attitude, success, achievements, wisdom or lack of it to your age. And if the truth will be told, age doesn’t necessarily define these things. Like you rightly said, it’s all about maturity and knowing the needful. If you’re good for the job, or good at what you do, people shouldn’t make you feel less of yourself because you are at the very extreme of the age bracket.

    I guess with time though, people that face this kind of injustice get to grow some balls that will shock the offenders out of their silly wits!

    Nice post Depearl! 🙂

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