“A woman wants you to be who she has always envisioned being with.”

In light of the feedbacks from what women want, it is safe to say that some men still cannot, in simple and straight terms, figure out what their women want; and indeed, some women don’t know what is require of their men either. Wheew! Making a simple, rounding and generalized conclusion on what the female folks want in a relationship proved complicated, how ironic. Obviously, some people would have perhaps loved “a list of what women really want.”


Much as there are specialized determinants to what a particular woman wants, it can be concluded that in general, women require some absolutely similar things and traits in their men. IMO, women “in general” want five basic (or not so basic) things more than most.


I’m still trying to figure out what women want more— time or money? I’m sure they would love to have all of both, but it just really ain’t practical. I guess they really have to settle for “enough” of both, everything being equal.
In any case, faced with the gruelling choice of picking and sticking, which would you choose?

Men, women want your time and attention. They want you to be available, at all times, for them only! Women want to know you are there everytime they need you— you best have an irrefutable excuse and God help you if you don’t.

This shouldn’t even be peculiar to what a woman wants; this is a general human desire. We all want to be appreciated and valued. Alas, women crave it more! It is only courteous and chivalrous of a man to appreciate his woman. It is the very least he can ever do. This is the easiest thing to do on this list and it is unbelievably ironic that women still don’t get appreciated enough by their men. It is closely related to the “I’m sorry” conundrum.

Women demand to be valued and appreciated. They want to know their men see the amount of time and effort they put into impressing, taking care and looking good for them. Tell them how gorgeous they look, flatter them enormously and don’t ever fail to mention how delicious their dishes are. It costs you absolutely nothing and gains you loads.


This again is basic human need. Everyone craves security, not least women. Women require three major forms of security— financial, emotional and physical security.

Yes, women love money, that’s hardly a secret and they want loads of it for fact. Women want to be financially secured and comfortable. They want to sit back and be safe in the knowledge that they can have anything and everything they “want.”

Emotionally, some (or more aptly, most) women are weak. They need their men to assure them of their love and commitment as often as possible. They demand your shoulders and chests to cry on and in when they break down and they also require you to lift them out of their emotional quagmire always.

Finally, women love a strong, physical presence. They feel super safe and secured when you are by their side, hand-in-hand— they feel fiercely guarded. This however doesn’t mean you should start body building or anything. It is the presence, not necessarily the physique that matters (build up some macho-muscles fellas, if you can! Women love a packed and heavily built man more). 😉

Hmmm, the importance of this cannot be overemphasised. No real relationship can be built and burgeon on lies. Women fiercely demand honesty, grant them, no matter how hard. This, it must be said can be pretty hard. Yet, a displeasing honesty is better, much better than a pleasant lie. Having said this, *whispering* (you are permitted to “omit!”)

Enough said!

Who else noticed that this has been all about women and not “girls?!” Of course, men are only willing to provide all their ladies’ needs and wants— ladies they call theirs, with a ring to show for it; not some girlfriend. So, before you go all out on why he has not really been doing all these and more, ask yourself, “ARE YOU REALLY HIS WOMAN?!”


What do you think women want? Let us benefit from your experience!


7 thoughts on “WHAT WOMEN WANT TOO

  1. Hnmm, what women want, Heedris! Ɣo̶̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊ v said it all. Although, it’s very rare to find a man dt wld gv all ds.! dt’s a 9ce n educative piece 4rm Ɣo̶̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊ ..*thumbs*


    • I still don’t know why ladies think men of today cant give their women all they want. Ko ye mi o. I am standing up for the LEGIONS of men out there, willing and able to do all the aforementioned and more for the RIGHT woman. Thanks for taking the time to comment miss, much appreciated. 😡


  2. Making a woman happy can be easy—or less difficult—if one is so lucky to have one whose wants are moderate, even though varied (and that’s where individual peculiarities come in). It is easier if she satisfies you as well; reciprocation makes meeting her many needs an enjoyable effortless thing, and not a burden.

    Valid points. Nice!


    • Well said bro, well said! Indeed, a moderate, worthy, satisfying, and reciprocating lady is the queen we all seek. The queen we would move mountains for. Thanks for the contribution bro, as always.


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