Imagination is the devil of my mind.”

Studying could be fun, actually, it is fun. Especially when it involves something you can totally relate with. If not, it helps if you have a wide and rich imaginative mind. With Biochemistry, it is a little bit of both— that I can tell you for fact. For an average student, imagination is everything.

Be afraid, be very afraid! Studying is hectic!! Believe me when I say it’s one of the ultimate energy consuming activities (what’s with the “S” words and ATP consumption?!). At this junction, I would like to assume that we all can deduce the differences between skimming, scanning, reading and studying. Actually, I believe studying is a rigorous combination of the preceding acts with the inclusion of ‘practicing’ and ‘cramming’!

When next you see anyone who had successfully navigated through the university, pause to admire!

It must be said, graduation isn’t always about the grades/CGPA. For some disciplines where first class students are virtually non-existent nationally (Biochemistry comes to mind), you just want to graduate, honours are quite unimportant at that point. I often say, “If anyone can spend four/five solid years (pre-degree year not inclusive) in a university and get to graduate as at when due, then they are brilliant.”

For me, studying requires everything being in place. The conditions have to be absolutely right. Here, where I am the most important factor, I also have to be “willing to study” and I have to be in a perfect (or near-perfect) state of mind. I am always particular about the conditions because what is studying without assimilating?! 

I can authoritatively tell you that emotions are wrecking! Why do you think most of the First-class, top of the class graduates gladly tell us in their newspaper-interviews that they’ve never “kissed anyone before” and they never had a boy/girlfriend?!
Forget it being absolutely bonkers and convenient, you are really in a good position to waltz through the university if you study as hard as you can and the only other commitment you have is with God.


I admit, love relationships, especially in a learning environment are distracting. However, how can anyone spend that much time in school and not fully, hopelessly fall in love (everything being equal)?! How can you not ever kiss and enjoy memorable moments with that special someone? Is this wrong or is it just me?!

“Any man would drive in straight lines, but it takes real men to handle the curves.”

So yes, I guess you can understand where I’m coming from. I don’t rate undeterred and unchallenging successes. I’m an “against all odds” kinda person. I respect people who balance two extremes, in this case, relationship and educational success. Yes, it is difficult, but far more awesome.


P.S: Don’t ever go through a break-up a couple of weeks before your exams though. You need all the motivation, encouragement and the will-to-study you can get. Now I know why I flunked my penultimate semester’s examination— 1.88?! Seriously?! *covers face* Or maybe, just maybe there were some “departmental forces” in play!

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4 thoughts on “LOVE & STUDY

  1. Departmental forces were sure involved :). Will I be psychic if I assume that you actually love(d) those forces?

    Balance is very important. I can’t imagine myself going through the undergraduate phase without the necessary distractions; it would’ve been drab. Thanks to greater forces from village—and above, I had fun, smiled at a handsome grade, and left unscathed.

    You didn’t flunk this piece :).


    • Hehe, I’d better not comment on your first paragraph :D. I love those KEY WORDS- “BALANCE, NECESSARY DISTRACTIONS, FUN, HANDSOME GRADE AND UNSCATHED!” The actual story of my undergraduate life! More so, I love that someone actually relates to this. Thanks man, as always.


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